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54 t Pet.t, t z. The Angels are faid to defre to into the 70t ocW4 a. thing of the Gofpel. i opry into therm, They (loop down to pry into thofe things of the Cofpel. Great is the myflery of godinefs in Chrift jefus : Oh there are many glorious my&eries of godlinefs in Jefus Chrift, And fach things as eye bath not feels, ear bath not heard , neither can enter into the heart of man to conceive, as the Scripture faith in i'Cor.z.9. yea, they are revealed only by the Spirit of God that fearches all things , yea the deep things of God ; the Spirit that fearches the deep things of Cod , mull reveal the things of the Gofpel unto that foul that ever comes to the knowledge of them. It was a work of the Spirit of God to inflruat .8ezaleel and Aholiab in thofe Arts of Work- manfnip , to work .in Brafs and the like , it is a work of Cods Spirit to thew a man the reafon of the things of na- ture ; but now when Gods Spirit comes to reveal (Thrift to the foul, for it is the Spirit of God that fearches the deep things of God; this puts an emphafis upon 't, fhewingthat the things of the Gofpel are deep things, they are thin §s that onely are revealed by Gods Spirit , and not by an ordi- nary work of Gods Spirit, but by an extraordinary work of the Spirit of Cod , that Spirit that fearches the deep things of God mull declare there things to any foul that comes to the underllanding of them. His Name is Wonderful. Now Purely hee that God fpake To much of before hee came into the world, bee that fo many wife men and Prophets did fo long to fee, hee that was the expectation and joy .of the Whole Church of God fromithe beginning of the world,before !tee came; bee that was fo typified out by 'all the Sacrifices and Types of the. Old Teflament, by, the Temple , that Was the wonder of the world at that time ; I-lee that when bee came into the world, had his birth folemnied by the Angels , a heavenly Quire finging Doxologies ; Hee that had upon his firít com- ing .the wife men from the Eat( coming to worftiip him, Purely hee mull bee force wonderful one , fore great one; and therefore as we read of the people'in Luke a. 66. when on the Excefdency of Chrift.