Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the excellency of chrif . when they faw and heard of fuch ftrange things at jobs Baptifls birth, the Text faith, All they that heard them laid them op im their hearts , faying, r4'hat manner óf Childe [ham this bee ? So when wee hear of thefe things that were done by way of preparation do the coming Chrift, for fome two thoufand years together, and fuck great things that were done upon his coming , furely it mull needs bee force wonderful one. What manner of Childe is this that is given to us ? wherefore then as wee read, of Afofes in Exod.g. g. when bee raw that wonderful fight in the wit - dernefs, the butte burning and not confumed , faith Mores, F will go and fee ghat yonder great fight is ; So wee may well fay , when Chrift is propounded thus Wonderful , and God himfelf gives him this Name let us take off our thoughts from all other things, . and turn afide to fee this great fight, to fee what this Wonder is. Therefore for the opening of this Wonder that is in Chrift , to Phew you how Chrift is Wonderful, and how well hee may challenge this Name , and how proper this Title is to him , to bee cal- led Wonderful,I gall open it in there feveral particulars. Firft, Chrift is wonderful in his Natures. Secondly, Chrift is wonderful in his Perfon. Thirdly, Hee is wonderful in the manner of his Incar- nation. Fourthly, Hee is wonderful in the wonderful work [hat hee came for into the world, the wonderful things that bee carne to do. Fifthly , Hee is wonderful in his Anointment , in his Offices. Sixthly, Hee is wonderful in his admirable Indow- rnents. Seventhly , i-lee is wonderful in his glorious Miracles that hee wrought. Eighthly, Hee is wonderful in that great glory of God the Father that appears in him. Ninthly, He is wonderful in the work of his Humiliation. Tenthly, Hee is wonderful in his Conquet}. Eleventhly, iS