Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

on the Excellefrey cf Cbrijt. Eleventhly , Wonderful in his Exaltation, and the de- grees, of ir. Tweifthly, Wonderful in his Saints. I-aflly, hee is wonderful, and thall bee wonderful in the bighefi he avens, in the Church Triumphant : and in all thefe regards, wee fhall fee w hat a wonderful Saviour wee have, and what kinde of thoughts wee are to have of Jefus Chrift. M certainly for the want of the right underftand- ing of God, and the low thoughts and apprehenfions wee have of him, the Name of Cod is little fanaified among us ; fo for the want of the right underftanding of Jefus Chrifi , Oh how little is the Nameof God fanctifi.ed in the myfteries of theGofget ? wee have the word (God) wee_ can fay that God made us; and fo the word Chrift, and wee hope to bee faved by Jefus Chrift, But oh, how far are wee either from apprehending God , Inch an infinite and glori- ous God as hee hath already, though very darkly, been fet out unto you ? and fo before wee have dose, though it bee but in a Sermon or two, you will finde that your thoughts of Jefus Chrift have been too low and too mean: oh that wee could by any means heighten your thoughts upon God and Chrift, that you may know the Lord, and his Son whom bee bath fent into the world. Firft , Cbrig. is wonderful in his Natures. Thefe Heads that I have propounded, they all might bee largely infifled on, but I think it belt at firfi , to give you a Thom view of things, and to prefent them together as briefly as I may.Wonderful in his Natures,for hee is Cod and man; our Saviour is God,and fo hee is fet forth unto us afterwards, theMighty God,and is not this a wonderful thìng,that man - kinde fallen from God; fhoñld have no lets Saviour than the MiLhry. God himfelf ? If all the Angels in Heaven , and men in the world, had undertaken to have been the Saviours of one foul , they could never have done it, "they could never have accomplithed what they had undertaken ; fuch is the fine of man, as if ever hee bee faved, hee 01,4 have