Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of art?. 57 have a Saviour above the Angelsi above all the ftrength that there is in all the Angels in heaven, and creatures in all the world, hee is that God that you have heard of, whofe Name. is alone ex cellent , whofe glory it above the heavens and earth,_ but that wee fhould bee Paved onely by God , may fecal to fome to bee no fuch great wonder,who can fave us but God ? I but know,that here it is not God putting forth an Attribute to fave us , but it is God undertaking this relation of a Sa- viour, and God putting himfelf in another condition (as it were) and taking upon him our nature , therefore that is that indeed that makes the wonder, God- Man,Theanthropos, z Tim. 3.16. Great is the myjlery of godlinefs, God was ma- nifefled in the fiefh, This is a wonderful myftery; that there fhould be fuch a word,Theanthropos,God- Man,is the greateff wonder that ever there was in the world , that there fhould bee fuch a thing as fhould bee called God -Man , and is re- ally and verily God and man together in one ; I fay , this is the greateft wonder that ever was in the world-, that the Divine and humane Nature lhould bee joyned together, . that wee fhould have a Saviour that is as verily man as God, and as verily God as man, that thofe two Natures, the Nature of God, and the nature of man fhould come toge- ther in one, that were fo diflant before one from another , this is a wonder beyond all fenfe and reafon , and weehad need have a Profpe & &ive- glafsof God to bee able to fee indeed any thing into it ; wee can eafily beleeve ( wee think) that Chrift was God and man, every childe can do fo ; when you ask your children what Chrift was , you teach them that bee was both God and man, I, but I ap- peal to you, when were your hearts taken with this as the geatett wonder in the world , that her fhould bee ever fuch a thing as God and than in one,and that to be the Savior of mankinde? That man,that is miferable,fliould look up to God to fave him , look up to the mercy of God , this were not fo wonderful,but that inferable man muff bee Caved by one that is God-Man, Man and God, this is that.that except the Spirit of God that fearches the deep things of God (as I you