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On the Excellency of Chri fl. you had it before) reveal it unto a man , it were impof able for man ever to have fuch a thought as this is ; and indeed, the Setting out of this fo great a myflery , is one great argu- ment , that the Scriptures are Divine : for it is too high a. thing to have entred into the thought of a creature ; I fay, too high a thing that ever a creature fhould have fuch a thought, that the faving of man mutt bee by Gods being man , it cannot bee imagined how fuch a thought could have come into a creature, to bee verilyman (I fay) this argues the Scripture to bee from God, it is too great a myflery for any creature ever to have imagined or thought of ; it is that that is the f mblinb block to the Teros , and foolithnefs to the Gentiles; but the power and glory of God to thofe that (hall bee Paved. If God íhould have put this unto us , and faid, Well, I am inclined todo good to you , and willing to fave you, but know, your efface is fuch as you can never bee fa- ved , . except there bee fuch a Saviour , fuch a Mediator for you,asmutt bee God and man both ;' why certainly both An- gels and Men would have flood amazed at this, and have concluded;that the eft ate of Man-kinde is defperate then if fo bee that the eflate of man that is fallen from God, and bath finned againft him, bee fuch as there is no way to de- liver one foul from eternal condemnation, and eternal.. wrath , but by fuch a Saviour as .mutt bee both God and man :. I fay, All Angels and lvien, would have even con- etúded, then mati mutt perifh for ever : but it is God, the Wonder working God that hath wrought thus for Man - kinde, which hath Pent us fuch a Saviour as is both God and Man; Surely then his Name may bee called wanderftel.' 'amt â wonderful in hia Perfon. Rut "Secondly, "Here is a- greaterwonderthan that, God is God and man. God and man (you will fay) that may bee, nee bath come.inthe fimilitude of Beth, and hathtaken the shape of man, fome kinde of union there may bee between t4íe Divine atid'humnane Nlatttre ; btttoonfader this .fecond Minder , hee is not onely God , fecond Perfon in Trinity Confer thefe two thingsiz the Perfon of Chrifl,. kirft