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oss the Excellexcy of Chrilt. 59 Firff, He is to be looked at, not meerlras God , but as God the fecond Perlon of the Trinity,and this is a great wonder in Chriflian Religion, for it was little known before. Wee read but little in the Old Teffament about the Trinity onely in Chritf the Trinity comes to bee known ; when wee are in flreights wee will cry to God that made the heavens and earth to bee a Saviour; but for us to know that wee muff bee faved by God in the Second Perfon,that is the chara &er and ingraven form of his Image, the Son of God , and yet fo the Son of God as hee is Co-eternal with his Father , e- qual with his Father, as the Scripture fpeaks, and fo God the Second Perlon in Trinity , as yet hee is of the fame Na- ture that his Father is of, the fame God, and yet the Son of God, the confideration of the myffery of the Trinity , that appears in Chriff, is a great wonder above reafon, that wee may adore it, but fearch into it wee are not able. And then the fecond thing to bee confidered in his Per - fon is this, That hee is not only God and man, but God and man hypoffatically united, the union of the Natures , that there Natures fhould bee united both in one Perlon , this is the great wonder in Chriflian Religion. There are two principal Wonders in ChriffianReligion ; I befeech you confider aright of them. The firff is divers Perlons in one Nature. Z Wonders in Chriflian fecond is divers Natures in one Perron. i Re- Thefe are the two Wonders in Chriffian Religion. Iigion. FirI , divers Perlons in one Nature, and that is the won- der of the Trinity, for there you have but one Nature, the Divine Nature, but threePerfons, Father, Son, and Holy Ghoff , and that is a Wonder that the Heathens knew no- thing of, and was little known till Chriff came. And the fecond Wonder in Chriflian Religion is, divers Natures in one Perlon, that is in Chriff; Chriff is God-man, but one Perfon united hypof }aticaily now to fearcch into this, that the fame Perlon that is God, is man, and how the humane nature fubfifls in the Deity, and bath no fubfxffence at ail in its felf , but in the Deity , how this is , onely the I 2. Scripture