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60 On the Excellency of Chrift. Scripture reveals it to bee fo , but how it is (I fay) is to deep a fea for any creature to wade into , wee mull (land and admire it, and adore God in it, that ha_h revealed this as the ob;eó of our faith, but to bee able to fearchhow fuch a thing can bee,that that union can bee in one perfon , this is that that is a wonder above all admiration : Indeed it is one of the moll wonderful works that ever God did in the world, to unite two fuch creatures that feemed to bee of fuch diflant Natures, as the body of man , and the Soul of man in one Perfon ; to unite a peece of earth , and a peece of flefh, to fuch a glorious thing as a rational immortal foul is, the union of thefe two together in one perfon is the greatefi work, for the works of Nature, that ever God did in the world; David faw his body wonderfully and fearfully made; but certainly the union of the body and foul, the foul being of the fame nature with the Angels, that it fhould bee united with the body to make but one Perlon, this is a great wonder in the works of Nature : But to unite the fecond Perlon in Trinity to the nature of man , not to the nature 6.2a4. of Angels, for fo the Scripture faith, Clsrt(t did not take upon him the nature of Angels .bolt the feed of Abraham ; for if Chrifl would have been united to another nature , one would have thought it Chould.have been to an Angelical na- ture, but to refufe that, and take mans. nature , and unite it in one Perfon that fo,it fhould be faid that that Perfon that is God , the fame. Perfon is man , Here is the great Wonder in Chriflian Religion ,the Perfonal union of the Na- tures of Chrifi; and indeed from hence many wonderful things will ;rife. . As from hence, that fame Perfon that was the Creator of all the world was a creature .; the famePerfon, I do not fay the fame Nature, this is the wonder in Scripture. And hee, the fame Perfon that is, the Lord of Man -kinde , yet is the Son of Man,the Son of lvlan,and yet the. Lord of Mankind. The fame Perfon that is Eternal, Immortal,yet hee dyed, fo the Scripture faith,7hey crucified the Lord of glory: What) can God that i the. Lord of glory, that, made heaven and earth,