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on the Excellency of Chrift. 6a earth, the Eternal God , whofe Name alone ù excellent can hee bee crucified ? yet that Perfon that was the Lord of glory, whole Name alone is glorious , that Perfon was cru- cified, but fuffered in his humane nature ; whatfoever Chrill did fuller in his humane nature, it may bee faid that that Perfon that was God did fuffer, though not the Divine Nature , the Divine Nature could not fuller , but the fame Perfon that was God as well as man hee did fuffer ; it is the Scripture phrafe clearly , and I might give you many Texts of Scripture to fhew you that that perfon that was God,fuffered, but that is enough , Theycrnoified the Lord of glory, i Cor.2.8. But you will fay, to what great purpofe is it for us to underhand this that Chrill was God and man in one Perfon , is it not enough to underhand that hee was God and man ? what need wee look fo much at the union of the two. Natures ? My brethren , Know that there is a great deal in this, in knowing the: union of the two Natures. It is of marvellous ufe unto you for the helping of your faith , to know not onely that Chrill had thofe two Natures, but the union of thofe two Natures. You will fay, How may it help ear faith ?" Thus , becaufe hereby you may fee that whatfoever Chrifl did,or.fuffered, though but in his humane nature, yet it was of infinite value and efficacy, and the infinite.value and efficacy of what Chrill did and fuffered doth arife from the union of the two Natures , becaufe it was that Perfon that was God, did fuch things, and fuffered fuch things. I remember I my felf once knew a very godly man in the time of his ficknefs was in a great Agony, under a verygreat temptation , and at Mid-night Pent a mile or two for a Minifler, and hee comes to him, and this was his temptation : Fearing hee fhould dye , and the Devil came A temptarión with this temptation Why,thy fin Both deferve an infinite of the Devil puniil-iment, thou hall finned againfl an infinite God, and to a godly maw. thou doll deferve eternal death ; but Chrill in whom you have truned , hee being man , and fuffering onely in his lumanelnature, hee could fuller onely that that was finite, I. 3 and;