Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Cbrift. and his death was but a few dayes,a day or two, how can he by fuffering that that was but finite,byinduring a little trhile pain upon the Crofs , and by being under death but a day or two , how can hee deliver you from an infinite fuffering and from eternal death ? This was the temptation that lay upon hini, and hee was in a moti lamentable agony of fpirit upon this temptation; but now in his calling to minde this , that though Chrii in his humane Nature was butfinire, and that that hee fuffereci could bee but finite , yet be- caufe his humane nature was united in one Perfon unto the Divine Nature , hence what the humane nature did fuffer, though finite, came to bee of infinite value and worth, and though his death that hee was under, was but for a day or two, yet it was of merit fufficient to ranfome from eternal death , becaufe the Perfon that was God as well as man, was under the'power of death; and by recalling what hee !tad heard heretofore about Chrift being God and man in one Perfon , hee carne to bee eafed , and the Tempta- don began to vanifh ; and the truth is, there is no way that I know of, to fatisfie ones heart and confcience in the fuf" ficiency of Chritis merits, but in this, that it was the merit of him that was both God and man in one Perfon. It is true, thole that do not fee a neceflìty of an infinite merit, they can eafily fatisfie themfelves, and fay they beleeve in Chrifi Jefus that dyed for them. I but how canti thou tell that this death of jefus Chrifi is of infinite merit to fa- tisfie the inñritte )uifice of God that requires fatisfa&ion for thy fin ? Why Goct Rath fo appointed it, and I hopen God it is fo; but if thou cana fee the ground of this, that will bee a marvellous help to thy faith thatt thou canti -look upon thy Mediator as God and man in one Perfon,and , therefore thou canti look upon whatfoever hee bath done or fuffered as of infinite value , and fo thou cants prefent it with boldnefs unto God. The right undertianding of Chrifithus, will help us to 'honour Chritî much , and will make him to bee a further objet;} of our faith. Thus Chrìfi.ts wonderful in his Perfon, in his Perfon as relat'm to God the