Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

ün the Exceltgncy of Chrif. the Father, the fecund Perlon in Trinity ; So in his Perfon, that is, his humane and Divine Nature united into one Perlon. Chri ? Wonderful in the manner if his Incarnation. Thirdly Well may hee have this Title of Wonderful, Peeing hee rs fuch a one as hee is, thus opened unto you. But thirdly; Chrift his Name is wonderful , bee is wonderful in the manner of his Incarnation. Chrifl bee is God and man ; but how came Chrift to take mans nature upon him ? it was a wonderful and a firange kinde of way that the fecond Perlon in Trinity came to take our nature upon him, it was by being conceived by the Holy Ghoff, by being born of a Virgin ; Chill was man, and came from man but not by man ; the way of Chrift; generation it is wonderful, Oh wh, can declare it ? Wee ordinarily can fay, fa 53, wee do beleeve that Chrift was born of a Virgin , born of the Virgin Mary, who cannot repeat his Creed ? but I ap- peal to you , when were your hearts ever taken with the wonderful work of God in the Incarnation of Chrift , that way of beingborn of a Virgin ? God faith that hee will do a great and marvellous thing ; For a Vïr in fkali conceive aifx 7.14 Son it is fuch a thing as never was done before fince the world began, nor never (hall bee done again ; the ordinary manner of the generation of man was here flops, when Chrift came to bee born, faith God, I will have a new way of generation , for indeed there was a great Lord to bee born into the world , a great Prince , and hee muff bee born after another way different from the ordinary way of Mankinde , in a wonderful way, the Holy Ghoft being the caufe of the cánception, and fo brought forth by a Virgin : YotR will fay, Why was this ? Here indeed con- fills the wonder that wee are to fanaifte Gods Name in,, not onely to know that it was after fuch a way, and not as Adam was hee was made man , but hee mull bee made man in fuch a marvellous way : You will fay, why could not