Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

óq. On the Excellency of Chrift. not Chrift come into the world after the ordinarymanner of generation ?You will anfwer to your felves,God would have it fo , but there is fomething, of Gods minde that he would have you know, why hee would have it fo : If Chrift had been made man after the ordinary manner of generation,he could not have been made free fromAdams fin,from original corruption,for the Law did lye upon Adam,& his PoRerity, againR al l that fhould come from him in the ordinary way of generation, therefore if Chrift now fhould.have come from hire in the ordinary way, if hee had been of the feed of Adam , then bee mutt have been under the Covenant that Adam was, for it Was to all his pofleriry , Adam was to Rand as a publick perfon, unto his pofterity, and in him wee were to Rand or fall. ( Now whether there might have been any other way or no for Chrift to have been freed from it , wee *will not Rand to difpute.) But now Chrift was freed from the Covenant, fo as bee was not now under original guilt , under original corruption, becaufe bee was conceived by the Holy G,aoft , hee was conceived,not after the ordinary way of men, whereas you are to know,that all your children coming into the world after the ordinary way of generation, coming from man, by man, 'the firfl minute that their fouls and bodies are together , that the childe is alive in the womb , it comes under the guilt of Adams tranfgreion, and comes to bee originally corrupted , pre - i'ently full of fin and corruption; but it was not fo in Chrift, and this is the wonder of Chrifts Generation, that hee was conceived by the Holy Ghof , and born of a Virgin , and fo free from all kinde of original fin; had there been the leaít fin upon Chrift , bee could never have been a Saviour for thee , nor any, therefore Chriii mutt come into the world in fuch away as there mut bee no fin upon him at all, and this is the reafon why hee was born of a Virgin, and not after the ordinary courfe of Mankinde , and therefore his Name may well bee called WnnsdrrfHd, from the wonderful manner of his Incarnation. 9i Ghrifi