Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Cbrift. as Chriß wonderfrsl in his Work!. In the fourth place, Chrift is wonderful in the wonderful Works that hee came about into the world ; the work that Chrift came into the world about, is the greateft, and the molt wonderful Work that ever was undertaken Pnce the world began , or can pofübly bee undertaken : Why what was the Work that Chrift came into the world a- bout ? It was firft to 'land between God, the angry God, God What the provoked with mans fin, and finful man. It was to bee a work was that Mediator between God and his creature , it was to recon- Chrift came cile God and man together that had finned again'} him, and rnto the world was turned enemy to him the Work that Chrift came to about. do, it was to make up all the wrongs that fin had done, that fin had brought to God , Chrii came to make up the vaft infinite breach that there was made between God and man, fo to procure Reconciliation for man , as to make God a- mends for all the fin that had been committed, here is the work that Chrift undertook , hee undertook to pacifie the wrath of God his Father, in fuch a way,as that it fhould be let out upon him , and hee would bear what ever fruits of Gods wrath was due to the fin of man , hee came (I fay) into the world for to reconcile God and man , to make up all the breach , and to make reftitution of all thing; ; not onely to make up the breach that was made between God and man by mans fin, but to make up the reftitution of all things ; whereas by mans fin all the works of God in this world had almott been fruftrated, and had mans fm gone on , God had not had the glory that hee made the world for ; now Chritt hee comes into the world to make up all again , that his Father might have full glory from all his Works. Yea the great Work that hee came into the world about, was, that hee might bring this to pars, that God his Father fhould have further glory now from his work, than ever hee fhould have had, if fo bee there had never been K any