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On the excellency of Chrif1. ., righteous dealings from him. I, but there is fomething more in this, he is not only righteous, becaufe he makes righteous Lawes, and bath righteous Adminifrrations, but this is a King that brings everlafting righteoufneffe to his people, yea he himfelf is the righteoufinefie of his people ; it is bee that cloth cloath his people with righteoufneflee. Indeed it is laid of Said, that bee- 'cloathed the people with . Scarlet ; By & good Governourpeople may come to be cloathed with fine raiment, and enjoy glorious profperity, and the like : But this is that King that cloathes his people with everlaf'ing righteoufneffe ; to make them all to fland righteous before his Father:, here is the glory of this King. And then hee brings peace, he brings peace by righteoufneffe, 'hee Both not bring peace to-them by the fword, but by his righteous Adminiftrations ; fo he comes and brings peace, brings peace to the confcience, to the foul, which no Kings can do.. What can-Kings doe ? they may treat about -peace, and if they be righteous they may be the:caufe of abundance of out - ward peace ; I, but they cannot bring peace of foul ; Chrif} is the King of Righieoufneffe, and, the King of Salem, fo' Melch fedeck,fignifies., bee was King of. Righteoufnefs and King of Salem, that is, King of peace ; this is the glory of this our King. 14 And further, ocher Kings are born to bee Kings, but Chrill dyed that hee might bee a King ; it is true, bee was a King when hee was born, and hee was born as others are to be a King, but e1eci ally Chriff had his power upon his death, it behooved km to fuller, a »dfo to enter into hir4-lory ; fo to enter into his 'glory; that is ;. upon his, f iffeéings,' it behooved him ; ánd fo the.Apofite tills the jewes in the fecond of the, AE1s, that they had crucified Chriff, and up- ón their crucifying of him; Peter there. franc's up and tells them in thefix: and,thirtieth verfe, that God had made that fame fefas whom they had crucified, both Lord anti Chrifii ; by his death he came unto his glory. 'Others come to. glory by their Lives, but Chrift comes to his glory by his Death, and was raifed toalïk upon the Throne of Majeffy. and L 3 glory 77