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r Cor. t5.a5, 26, 27, a8. On the Excellency of atilt. glory upon his death, and in that hee is wonderful in his Kingly power. i 5 Further, Chrif} is King from everlafking to everla- fling, for ever ; Ì by throne O Lord endures for ever and ever : other Kings are but of yeflerday, and they are dead and gone;but it is not fo with our King,the Lord is Ring for ever. I 6 Further, he is wonderful in this, he fits upon his Fathers Throne now at this time. You have fuch a place in the a hird of the Revelations, verf. at .where Chrifl promues to thole that over come,that they (hall fit upon his throne,even as he over- came, and is let down with his Father in his throne.The ad» miniflration of all things in the World now,I fay, it is given to Chrifl joyntly with his Father , JefusChrifl God- Man,fics up- on theThrone of his Father not only the fecond Perfon inTri- niry, but Chrifl God -Man fits upon the Throne of his Father, & together with his Father doth order and govern all things; here is a height of glory that no creature elfe can bee ca- pable of; the Humane Nature of Chrifl being joyned in one Perfon with the Divine, fo it comes to have of the glory of this Kingly power upon it, that it may bee Paid, That Per - fon that is Man, Both now at this time fit upon the Throne of his Father, and together with his Father doth adminifler his power; fo that the Apoflle fpeaks of a fub;eelion of Chrifl that (hall be afterwards unto the Father more than is now, in I Cor. 15. 25. it is a text certainly that hath a great myflery in ir, and is very hard to underfland, For hee mull reign till he hatch put all enemies tinder his feet ; the 14 enemy that fhall6e del/rayed is death, for he bath put all thins tinder his feet but when he faith, all things are put under him, it is manifefl that he is excepted which did put all things under him ; And when all things (hall be fab clued unto him, then (hall the Son alfa himfelf be fubje¿t unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all. When all things (hall be fubdued unto him, then the Son himfelf (hall bee fubje,St. It feems there is not that fubje Lion now as fhall be hereafter; Chrifl now fits upon the Throne of his Fa- ther, and rules together with his Father, but there is a time