Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency u f Chrtfl, 79 time that Chrift fhall give up the Kingdome that now hee hath, and bee himfelf fhall bee fubjeel, that is, hee, when hee hath fubdued all the enemies of the Church, h e shall in a vifible and a more glorious way rule over his own Saints, and that eternally, and then hee to together with his Saints, he as the head of his Saints,fhall in another way bee fubject unto God than now hee is for the prefent, there dull bee another administration of things . than now there is ; now Chrift fits upon the Throne of his Father here Christ makes his Throne & his Fathers Throne diftin6t,fo that there is yet to come another kinde of Throne that Chrift hash, befides the Throne that now bee fits upon; but this , I fay, is a great myftery , onely the Scripture holds forth fuch a thing as this,that hereafter Chrift thatl have another Throne than that hee bath now. r 7 Yea Wonderful in this, that hee will not onely fub- jeZt all enemies in the conclufion,but hee will put down all Rule,and all Authority and Power.It is a very notable Text often read,but little obferved, r Car. r 5.24. Then cometh the end,rrhen hee fhall have delivered up the Kingdom to God', even the Father,when he fha/t have put down all Rule,and all Autho- rity and Pewer.Though as our condition is for the prefenr,we have a great deal of need of humane Rule and Authority yet that is certain, that there bath not been any fuch enmity unto the Kingdome ofChrift,as the Rulers, and Kings, and Princes of the earth, for the greater part, I fay, Chrift hath had no men that have more kept -under his Kingdome than the Rulers & great ones, and Princes of the earth,therefore itfeems his Kingdome cannot bee full till hee bath put down all Rule and Power , and hee bimfelf to reign wholly without any fuch help of man as now. But now in regard of our necetlity, it is true , If all Rule and Autho- rity fhould bee put down while wee are in fuck a con- dition as wee are for the prefenr, certainly wee fhould bee all in a confufion,therefore though Chrift fees that fo many of the Rulers and great ones of the world have been, and are enemies to his Kingdome , yet to keep things in a civil: