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on the ,Excellency of Chrift. order, Chril} would-have: Rule and Authority for the pre- fent ; But there is a time çomiiig,when his people (hall bee made fo fub ;ect, as they fiiall have no need of thefe things, but Chrift will put them- all down here in theworld , and himfelf chely ihall Reign; fo you have 'tin the book of the Revelations, chap. ii.yerf.a: 5 ;; 1 hat there were g; eat voyces in heaven, faying, The Kingdomes of this world are become the .ICingdonses of our Lord ,. and of his Chrit , and hee JÑalt Reign for ever and ever. For that it feems Chri(} bath not yet taken his Power, had not then,neither; bath hee fince : But there is a time coming for the Kingdomes of the earth to bee the'Lords and his Chrills in another way than now they are. . 18 And thenthelaft of all, Chrií} is fuch a King, as hee doth in a fpiritual fenfe make all his Subje &s Kings , bee hath a Crown of glory for every Subject , for every one of thofe that are his Subjects, in that near relation , as hee is King of Saints, I fay, bee will put Crowns of glory upon them al'l ; you have it in Rev. 5.1 o. And hag made Us unto our God Kings and .Priefis , and wee (hall Reign on the earth, not onely in heaven, but on the earth. ;.Why now how wonderful is Chrill in this his Kingly power , that hee is able to make every Subje& that hee bath a King ? and hee will do it. Now then, .If wee íhould put all thefe toge- ther that have beennamed , you fee bow wonderful Chrill is in his Kingly Power.. ï Hee is high above all , King of Kings, Lord. of Lords. 2 Hee is an univerfal King over all the World , a hea- venly King, over Angels, yea over Powers, over the De- vils themfelves. 3 It is hee that makes his Subje&s, not they him. 4 His Subje&ts.are for him, and not-hee for them. s Hee alone is able to make Laws for his Church. .6 Hee hath abfolute Sovereignty. 7 His Laws do binde confcience. 8 ,Hee rules in the hearts of men.