Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to God in Worfhip: not come, to the Honey if it be boylinghot, but when it is cold So if the heart be boyling hot, and the affectionsa working, it will keepout vain thoughts and temptations : It is a fign of the breath of life when it is warm, but artificial breathyou know it is cold ; as now, the breath that comes out of the body that is warm, but thebreath that comes out of a pair of bellows that is cold ; So the breath ofmany people in Prayer,it is difco- vered to bebut artificial breath,hecaufe it is fo cold, but if there were fpiritual life,then it would be warm,There muff ftrength ofaffettion. 3. Thirdly, There muff be Rewire the ftrengthofall the Fa- cuities : Weiholalditirlatever we are, or have, or can do towork inPra er, t en toe Dent o ulirlictvand Confcience, and Will, an A e ion ;_ yeao_nd the body fliouldbe put to it alfo, and thofe that worflii-PGod to purpofe, they spend their Riaiesin nothing fo much as in the Worfhiping of God. It will be a fad thing another day when this thall be charged up.. on many, Thou haft fpent the ftrengthofthy body upon lufts, but when didft thou fpend any ftrength of the body about any holy duty ? What a riddle is this to molt people, to tell them of fpending the ftrength of their bodies in Prayer or hearingof the Word, or Santtifying a Sabbath; they think the Sabbath is a time of reft, I confefs it is a time of reft from outward la. bor but it is a time of fpending ftrength in a Spiritual way ; and thofe that fhal worfhip God aright on the Sabbath, will find it a fpending of a great deal of Itrength, and bleffed is that ftrength that is fpent in the Worfhip of God, rather than in the waies offin, as moft fpend their ftrength : If Godgives thee a heart to fpend thy ftrength in His Worfhip, thou maieft think thus,Lord, thou mighteft have left me to have (pent my ftrength in fin,howmuchbetter is it fpent in the Worfhipingof thy name,! There is one notable Scripture in 7er. S. 2,, that thews how much ftrength the Idolaters put forth in the worthiping of their Idol,'k they would not do it ina flight & vain way, but their hearts were much in that falfe-worfhipsfaith the text, And they(hallfpread them before the Sun and the 'Moon, andall the hofi of rffeaven,1 ( mark now) whom theyhave loved,andwhom theyhaveferry& andafter whom they have walked, and whom they havefought K2 andi