Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

The right manner ofdrawingnigh andwhom the, have worlhiped : Al thefe are put together in re- ference to their Idols ; Oh that it could be laid toof us in refe- rence to God, when we come to worfhip him, whom we have loved, and whom we have ferved, and after whom we have wal- ked, and whom we heve fought, and whomwe have worfhi- ped ; there is all thefe feveral expreflions to thew the ftrength of their fpirits in following after their idols : And chat is the Fitt thing inour Sanerify ing Gods Name. 6... The Sixth is, If thou wilt Santtifie Gods Name in Wor- fhip,there mutt be an humble frame offork, worship him with much humility of foul : Abraham did fal upon theground be- fore the Lord, and dull and afhes (faithhe) bath begun to fpeak unto thee : yea we read of jefus Chrift groveling upon the earth and theAngels they cover their faces in the pretence of God ; apndfo fhouldwe be humble when we come before the Lord : there is nothing more abates the foul of man, than the fight of God r and the great reafon of the pride ofall wens hearts is becaufe they never knewGod : If thou dideft but fee God, thy heart mutt needs be abafed ; And when doth the foul fee God ifnot when it comes to worfhip him 1 InJob, 42, Ihave heard ofthee by thehearing oftheear, but nowmy eyelath thee,wber- fore I abhormyfelf, and repent in dull and apes. Now this humility muff be in this fenfeof our own meanefs and bafenefs. Tfal. 344.6. Ibispoor man cryedto Clod : They are poor fouls that come into Gods prefence that fanttifie Gods Name molt ; e- ven thofe fouls that do apprehend, and are fenfibleof their own bafenefs, and meannefs before G.od.This poor mancried toGod. weufe to faygive that poor man fomewhat. It dothaffett the heart of God when he fees.much poverty offpiric:when wecome . before Him, we muff befenfibledour infinite dependance up- onGod. Come as the woman ofCanaan, 0Lord,even dogs do receivecrunts, and though I be a dog, yet let me receive crums; here is humilityof fpirit., Now humility of Spirit appears in thefe things. ire Firft, admiring Gods goodnefs that wedo liveat this time, and that we have liberty tocome before him; we might have. been Nit praying,and worthipingof God think thus, What utiercris thame arenovbapiatedaz ecids gefence, that