Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

86 The right manner of draping nigh thou haft any abilities of Grace yet thy heart mutt be taken off there, there may be pridenot only from ones parts, but it may be God hath given me enlargements in Prayer, the Devil will come inand Peek to puffup thy heart even becaufe of this. But thy heart muft be taken ofFthere, and thoumuff deny thy felt in all when thou haft done the belt fervice of allhotamuff con- clwde, di-0u art an un ro ttable ervant when thou haft ra ed E e ' e. , et ra e with iharne, an to e ee ofhaving thy heart put up even c_ roug a the afli ance of the graces of the Spirit of Go in holy duties. 5. Laftly, Thou muffcome with a humble refignation of thy feltto God, to becontent to wait uponGod-as long as he plea- fes, towait upon God in regard of the time, andof the meafure, andofthemanner of the Communication of himfelf, in regard of the means by which he will pleafe to communicate himfelf, wait uponhim ; Let me have mercy though at the laft hour. This now is an humble heart inPrayer; and when we come WIEFfirch-a- overty griiit as this is, we may expett that the Lord wil accept of us, Give this poor man foriA-aT, will God-ray : This poor man cryed, and the Lord beard him. In the Seventh place, Wemuff bring that which is Gods own in fandifyingGods Name. I fpake to this before in the Point of preparation, Vii,. That inGods Worfhipwe muff give him his own. I will only mention it here in the fanttifying of Gods Name in tworegards. g. Firft , To give God His own for the matter of it. 2. Secondly, To give God Hisown, that is, what comes from the work ofHis own Spirit, or elfe we do not Sanetifie Gods Name. I will give you one Text further about thematter of ir, in Exod. 39.. if ou read the Cha ter ou than find that there is ten-times aid that t e did as od hadcornan, e # Mo es : And them the doleof theChapter, when they had done as God had commanded in His VVorihip; the text faith, Ws Wed them. That peo le is a blelled people that doobferve the VVorfhip of God as Godhat commanded them. But the main thing = is, all char we do it muff beaketitIlhosirit it is