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to God in Worfhip. isnot enough tohave true flyer and gold, but it muff have the right (tamp, or elfe it cannot go for current coyn. And fo it is not enough chat the thingsthat we offer to God in his VVorfhip be Gods own, but what we have warrant for out of Gods word, but it muff have the ftamp ofthe Spirit ofGod In the VVor- fhip of God there be two Queftions that He wil ask, Fiat, Who required this at your hands ? But then ifyou can anfwer thus, Thou0Lorddidft require it : It is well : But then Godhath a- another Queffion, Whofe Image andSuperfcription is this ? If thou can't not givean Anfwer to that, it will be rejetted, too Thou mutt be a&ed by divinePrinciples, in all that thou doeft, there muff be theRampof the Spirit upon that which is tendred to God, elfe it is nothing. Toopen this Point fully wil ask fome time. Pith, Therefore I will Phew youhow we may know when our Dutiesare abed byour natutallparts rather thanby the Spi-, rit of God. Secondly, Howwe may know whether our Duties be atted by natural Confcience rather than by the Spirit of God. z. Firil, Ifthouart a±ed by natural' parts, they will not change thy heart: Men that do perform Duties) by the (henget' ofnatural! parts, they may be aslarge as others, and fpeak to the edificationof others, but thofe duties do never change their beam., now if thou beeft aced by the Spirit of God, thouwilt bechan- ged into the very Image of his Spirit. 2. Secondly, Ifmen are abed by Natural! parts, they will not carry them through difficulties and difcouragements ; but now theSpirit of God if thouhaft acted by him, though thou doeft meet with never fuch difficukies'and difcouragements, thou wilt be carried through them all. 3.. Thoumaieft know it by this, wherein thou doff account theexcellency ofa Duty to confift, either in thy Pelf or others; Thouperformeft a Duty, now ( it maybe) thyparts doatt ve- ry lively, and to thycredit, and yet thy Confctence cells thee that yheartwas ffraightened : Now canft thou rife up with -oybecaufe thou haft thy ends ? At another time ( perhaps.) thy heart is more troubled, and broken : But thou doeft not ex, prefs thy fell fo much, then thou art difcouraged, And .when thou