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90 The right manner of cleaving' nigh on the Soul to Duty, when there is molt peace and comfort. 6. A little will ferve the turne to fatisfie natural confcience, fo be it they perform the duty, it is enough ; bur one that is actedby the Spirit of God in duty,muft meet withmuch of God or elfe he is not fatisfied, he goes mourning in the day time ifhe hath not met with much of God in the morninR in the perfor- manceofduty, Thus you fee there is much difference between the adings of Natural parts and confcience induty, and the ail- ing of theSpirit of God. ' There be only Two things more for the Sanffifyingof God' Warnein {Duty, and then we are tocome to fhew howwe fhouki fanCtifie gods Name in Duty in referenee to the feveral Attri- butes of God. But Firft for thofeTwo Heads. Further. 7. The Seventh thing is this, When you come to perform holy duties,if you would fandifieGods Name, youmuft confe- elate your felves toGod,there muft be a. refignation of Soul and Body, Eflate,Liberty, Name, andall you are, have, or can do untoGod : This is to fandifie Gods Name, the confecration ofyour [elves untoGod : And the profefling of this is the per- formance ofduty,. when youare-to pray, were a-verygood thing attuatly toprofefs your felves co be Gods, to profefs that you dogive up all that you are, have, or can do, to God : Lord, I am thy fervant, take all Faculties ofSoul, andMembers of Body improve all, lay out all to thineownpraife to the uttermoft, to bring- glory to thy great Name. Ifevery time you came to God in Prayer youdid this, this were to fandifie your felves to God(I fpake before of a fandified heart, but now this is in a profeflion of your [elves untoGod) do it fecretly at leaft in your own thoughts ; ifyou do not every time exprefs it in words, yet in your own thoughts do it ; devote your felves to God every day. Ofadmirable ufe it would be, if every day when men and womenworfhipGod, either in their clofecs orfamilies,they did profeffedly devote and confecrate themfelves toGod ; and fo iikewife, every, time they come to hear the the Word or to re- ceive Sacraments, Godwouldaccount hisName to be fandified fucha.wollt as this is.. 14sitly,,