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to god in Worfhip. more in the courfe of thy life : I had a little converfe with God at firft when God began ro acquaint my Soul with His Waits, but through His mercy now I find more communion with Him ; and fo thou cant{ blefs thy felfin in God, in that convetfe that ,thou haft in communion withHim, thou wouldeft not lore that Communion thou haft with God in holy duties, for all the world.; others have their Companions, that they have their Communion withal, ( much good may do them ) but the Lord bath thewen me another manner of communion which my foul can have with himfelf, in which it hash fweec farisfa&ion. And thus you have had Seven Particulars for the Solidifying of the Name of God in Holy Duties. 4101,44.444,44.4214,4444.4P77;44.4,044,- 44-d 4.44.....444.4.444444 4/4.444.44444,* SERMON VI. Preached at Stepney December, u. 11541. Levic. 10. 3. Iwill be Sanffified in them that come nigh me. 444047.Gain,AsNatural Confcienc doth give no ftrength 40 A '4* to do the Duty, fo it makes not the Duty to be ' it Aa thong to the foul; that is thus, Ther's no ftrength *44444 got by theDuty they are not by one duty pre. pared for another, 'But the way ofthe Lord is flrength to the "(f- right, that is, when a gracious heart is in the way of Gods Woo. fhip,itfinds oftheWorfhipAGod tube ftrerigth to it and fo itTics it for another duty. 5. Further, A Natural! Confcience limits its felf, and is bounded ; that is, fo much as will ferve the turn for its own peace andquiet, fo much it will do, and no more : But when one is aced by the Spirit of God, one is enlarged without any limits at all not-bounded to ones own peace, for the more peace a gracious heart bath induty, the more it is enlarged in duty Now a Natural Confcience, that puts to duty, and will ad you when you want peace, when you are in trouble and fear, but when you are not in trouble and fear, then it puts not on the heart to performance of duty; but the Spirit or God puts L ova