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to God in Woriliip. 95 ratheir trouble : but ifyoudid confider that you had-to deal with an eternal God, then you would look 'upon your fins though a long time fince committed as if they were but now done. Likewife therewill be this required from the confiderarion of Gods eternity, Youmuft come with fuch adifpokition of heart as not CO think much, though-what you defired be deferred and not granted in your timewhen youwould have it. For if there be no time_that.alters withGod, but a thoufand yeers are with God as: oneday, then that that weaccount long before its done, it is. nothingwithGod ; and therefore we mutt haveour hearts work towards God as towards an Eternal God, as one with whom there is noalterationof time at all, with whom there is no fucceffion of time. If wecome to a man and leek any thing ofhim if he dothnot anfwer us prefently, we will thinkthat he will forger it,and other things will come into his mind : but when we come to worfhip God, we muft look upon him as an Eternal Being, and that time alters nothing with him : Thus underftanding God in a right way wil much help us in his Wor- fhip, and to Sandifiehis Name, We cannot Sandifie Gods Name, without- knowing his Name, without having ferious thoughts about his Name and getting our hearts to workaccor- dingly. 3. Thirdly, Look upon God when y.outome ro Worfhip Him in His comprehenfible Being : that is, as a God that fits' all places, His being is real in the room that we are praying in, the place that weare meeting in, as it is inHeaven. 'lbw then- when we cornett) worfhip Him,; we mutt confider that that in- finite glorious Beingftandsbefore us, looks upon us, is at our elbow; and therefore efpecially when you worfhip in- fecret - confider this, it is good to confider it when you are with o- thers, but efpecially (I fay) confider it when you-are in fecrec, and know that when you are molt private, you have one that looks on you, and takes notice of you, who is more than ifyou had tenhundred thoufand witneffes ftanding by you and,look- inguponyou : For it is the Lord that ftands by you and fees your behavior, feeswhat you do in your worfhiping of Him ; - cake heed therefore that there be nothing, done by you that is 111114.-