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9 I The right manner of drawing nigh unbefeeming the prefence of fuch a God as theLord is : Suppoie that fome of youwere praying, and there were fame godly able Minifter ftood neer you, it would be fome meanes to ftir up your hearts tomind what you did : but now theLord He is not in the next room only, but in the fame room, and ftands byyou; Let there be nothing done therefore unbefeeming the prefence of that infinite holy god that ftands by you; and hold this truth forth, The Lord is prefent withme, I acknowledg it, and Iown it, and therefore I carry my felf thus, and all becaufe I would witnefs toAngels and Men, that I do acknowledg that the Lord is prefent with me in this duty. +. Fourthly, Confider God is an unchangable God, immu- table. That is another Attribute of God ; He is unchange- able. Firs, Therefor our, hearts muff be taken offfrom thefe mum table things, and fet upon God as that unchangable good. Secondly, We muft be humbled for our ficklenefs, and un- eonftantnefs ; there; is no fhadowofchange in God,and there is no fhadow of constancy in us. Thirdly, When we come into the prefence of a God who is unchangable, then we fhould look upon God as being the fame now that ever He was heretofore ; He hath as much dif- pleafure againft fin now as ever he had, and that God that hath done fuch great things for his Church in former times, is the fame God to dogood to His people as ever he was. And make ufe of this ; When you reade the Word, and there find how God hathmade Himfelf appear to be glorious for His people; and now every time 1 am toworfhip God, I fhould think that I am to deal withGod that is the fame that ever he was, a mer- ciful; andgracious, and j uft, and powerful as ever he was, and fo my heart is to work towards him. 5. Fiftly, When Iam to Worfhip God, I am to look upon Him as theLiving God, as that God that hath life in Hinifelf, and gives life unto his Creatures. Then what lutable behavior doth become me?Imutt come he- fore His prefence with fear ; It is afearful thing tofall into his handi that is the God;.that bath my life under his feet, He huh