Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

o2 The right manner ofdramtng nigh finned, andGod is merciful ; and I will go and pray tohini that he might be merciful,and there's an end. Is this all ? Oh no, God requires the fandifying of his Juftice, and there is nothing that dothfandifie his Juftice Co much as this, That when a poor creature fees the Infinite diftance that fin hath made between that infinite God and it, it fees that though fin, it hath made its felf liable toJuftice; andwhen it fees that there is an abfolute ne- ceffir.y that infinite Juftice mutt have fatisfattion, and thinks the finner, If itcomes to me that I mutt fatisfie the Jufticeof GodI am never able to do it, but there is a Mediator, and there- forePie fly tohim, andby Faith tender up to theFather all the merits ofhis Son as a full fatisfaetion to his infinite Juftice : When thou comeft thus before the Lord, thou Santtifieft his Name indeed. Many think that when they'come to pray, they fhould look upon Gods Grace, and Mercy,and not upon his Jul-, tice ; but thou mutt look upon both. Another Attribute, it is Gods Faichfulnefs : Confider thou haft todeal with a God of infinite Truth, and Faichfulnefs, and therefore look upon him as anobjett of thy Faith to reft upon, And likewife thou mutt bring a faithful heart fumble fome way CO thislFaichfulnefs of God, that is a heart faithful withhim, tokeep within the Covenant that thou haft entred into and to perform all theVows that thou makeft with God ; Remember thou haft to deal with a Faithful God, and as the Lord delights tomanifeft his Righteoufnefs to poor Creatures that leek His face ; fo this God dochexpert that thou fhouldeft be faithful in all the Covenants that thou doeft make with Him, and this is to fanetifie Gods Name. Now then put all thefe Attributes of God together, and there you have his Glory, the infinitnefs of his. Glory. The Thine and lithe ofall the Attributes together is Gods Glory. I have then to deal with a glorious God, and let me labor to perforn fuck fervices as may have a fpiritual Glory upon them, that fome Image of the Divine luftre that there is in God maybeap- on my fervices; and let me look forglorious things feeing I Save to deal with Well a glorious God. You will tay, Here is a great deal of do in ferving of God, howmuch ishere chat we mutt do I ap-