Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to Ood in Worthip. Q a' doeft come with a merciful heart towards thy brethren : Take heed whenfoever you come toworlhip God, that you come not with a rugged and cruel heart towards any ofyour brethren; therefore you find chat Chriit laies this uponyou in teaching how topray,you muff fay, Torgiveof our trefpaffes thefor- give our brethren that trefpaff againfi us: And you find it repea- ted again,lf you forgive,then your HeavenlyFather will forgive, and not otherwife. As ifChrift fhould fay, When you come to be mercy, be fure you bring merciful hearts. Fifthly, It is a good way to lanai& the Name of God in this Attribute, for the foul to be felicitous with ir felf : What is that that will hinder me from the mercy of God, and let me avoide it It is otherwife a taking of the Name of God in vain, for me to come to profefs what need I have of.Gods mercy, and yet for all that,never regard to avoid thole things that mayhinder the walk of his Graceupon me. r. Confider the yujiice of god, (that's another Atribute) Confider chat thou haft to deal with an Infinite, Righteous and juit God : Do not think that if thou beeft a Beleever,that thou: haft nothing todo with the Juftice ofGod, for certainly thou arc to fanaifie the Juftice of God. Now you will fay, eliorofhouida Teleever fanififie the lice of god ? Thus Firft, He fhould be apprehenfive and fenfible,how by fin he hash put hitnfelf under Jufliceand deferved the ftroke of Juftice to be upon him to eternity ; he ihould confider what he is in him- felf : It's true, that Jefus Chrift hash coike between a beleeving, foul and the juftice of the Father, and1. taken the stroke of Tufticeupon himfelf:yea, but though he hash done it,it cloth not tinder but that thou fhouldit be apprehenfive of what thou haft deferved chy felf. Secondly, Here is a fpeciai thing in the fanaifying of the Julice of God : When we come before him we fhould con- licLithat we have to- deal with an infinite j uft God, and there- fore lot to dare to come but through a Mediator; Here you have tae reafon why we moll tender up all in the Name ofJefus Chrift., becaufe when we are to come before God, weare to fantifitthe Name of his juflice ; For thee to think thus, I have finned 4