Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to god in Worfhip. 105 His Name : So that the firft reafon is taken from the very nature of God, is is the very being ofGod that all things fhould work to Himfelf, and in fuch a finable way as to lift up His Excellency andGlory. 2. Secondly, We muff fantifie God in the duties of His Worship, becaufe it is the fpecial glory that God bath in the world, to be a±ively honored ; for his paffive glory, chat ic;to be glorified in a paffive way, that he bath in Hell, but the fpecial glory that God would have,ic is,t hat he might be glorified a/bye- ly : Now there is no fuch wayof glorifying the Name of god actively, as byworshipingof him in a holy manner, and there- fore GodRands muchupon this, Thac when we come to worfhip himwe final& his Name ; for faith God, If I be not fandified in my 'Worfhip, what active glory have I in the world ? it is the Ipeciall activeGlory that Godbath in the world, the fandify- lug ofhisName in thedutiesofhis Worfhip. 3. Thirdly, That which we have intimated before, That the duties ofGods Worfhip are the molt precious things, the 1pecial conveyances of the choicemercies that he intends to be- ftowon hisSaints, and therefore though he lofes his Glory in any thingelfe, he would not lofe it in that wherein be doth ef- recally convey hismercy and goodnefs to his people. Bat that we fpak too in Chewing howwe draw nigh to God in holy duties & it may well come inhere again as an Argument why we fhould tiaifieGodsName. 4. AFourthReafon is this, Becaufe there is no way for us robe fitted for the receiving of mercy from God through thole dutiesof Worfhip,but byour fandifyingof Gods Name ; when thou comeft at any time to worflip God, what wouldeft thou have ? there is Tome communion that thou wouldeft enjoy with God, now there is no way tomake thee a fit fubjed of mercy, or capable of the enjoying of Communion with God, but by fuch a behavior of foul as this is that bath been fpoken of, To fantlifie the Nameof God; thou wouldeft be loch to lofe thofe duties ofworfhip that thou doeft perform, therefore it is requi- redof thee to fandifie his Name left thoudoeft lofe all, for 'tis this that makes thee the only capable fubj at of what good is to be had therc 5. We