Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

o The right manner ofdraping nigh fefs, verf 16. ) But mark what the Text faith in verf 19. And Jofhua faid unto the People, Ye cannotferve the Lord, forhe is an holy god, he is a jealous god, and he will notforgive your tranfgrejons andyourfinf. As if he fhould fay, You thinkit nothing to ferve the Lord, and that it is an eafie matter to ferve him, you think toput offGod with any thing : Alas you can= not ferve the Lord, for he is a holy God, and is a jealous God, and youmull have other manner ofhearts than yet you have and you muff underhandhis Worfhip in another manner than yet you do : TheLord will be fandified in thefe that draw nigh him, and therefore until you underftand God, and his waies andWorfhip, you cannot ferve the Lord. Know, that the workof-Religion is avery hard and difficult work, for it requi- reth all, this, and therefore the foul had need to be very diligent and laborious that would come to Worfhip God in a right way.4' Thirdly, Hence iris an tileof humiliation tous all, even to thebelt ofus ; how little ! how little !lath the heft of us all fanatfied the of God I how far have we allcome fhort of thefanaifying of Gods Name in holy Duties;! And when we lookabroad in the world, and fee what poor fervice God hath generally from the Men and Women of the Earth, it fhould make our hearts bleed within us : Where almoft is the man ac woman that according to that text in Ifaiab, Jun" up bimfelfto take, hold ongod And I verily beleeve that in the openingof this Point, OfSaatifjingof tbeName ofgod inholy "`buttes, that Ihave been in thebofoms of-as many, as in the opening of any Point whatfoever ; and as many may have caufe to lay their hands upon their hearts, and fay, Certainly I have come iltorc aofwhat is required here ' and have'not beenacquainted with this Way,this myftery of Godlinefs, OfSanEfifying ofgods Name inholy Vitae f as I oughttobe : Oh be humbled for this, for all the uncleanefs of your hearts in the performance of holy duties. gExod.27.4.5.you read,that at theAltawhere the Sacrifices were tobe olfered,the Lord ired that there fhouldbe a grate made requ Thou./haft makefor it (meaning the Altar )agrate of networltof braff,and upon thentt (halt thou makefour brafen ringr in the fotu tuners thereofond thou (halt put it under the compaff of the