Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to God in Worfhip. theAlter beneatb,that the net may be even to the middefi of the .Altar.There was(as,it Were)a great for the Ales ofthe .41tar to go thorow : As youhave grates in your fires to make them burn deer, and for the afhesto fall down ; fo the Lord woald have fuch a grate for the allies of the Altar to fall down We had need offuch a grace. Oh the afhes,dirt and filth that there is in our fervices when we come to offer and tender them up to God fothat we have caufe (I fay) tobe humbled for holy offerings. There bemanyGodly people that through Godsmercy, areable to keep from grofs fins, they do not find it any great matter to keep from company, fwearing, drinking, uncleannefs, or wronging of others, and filth kind of fins as thofe are, to that they feenot fuch needof humiliation in this regard, un- lefs it be for that their natures be ast corrupt as any though they break not forth into thofe actual grofs fins, but themain work of the humiliation of hole that aregodly, it is, to be humbled for their thoughts, for the mifpending of t ime, and for not fan- -allying of Gods Name inholyduties; thofeare the main things that are thefubjett ofthe humiliation of the Saints, befide the bodyoffin anddeath that they carry about with them. And ic would bea goodfign that thy heart hash Come tendernefs in it when thoumakeft chefe tobe the matter of thy humiliation Carnal people are little taoubled for thefe, ifthey fall into fuch fins as that theirconfciences do fly in their faces, then they are troubled andhumbled; but for fuch things as tkefe are, they are feldorn humbled: To be humbled for thy holy offerings isa good fign ofa gracious heart. We read of Cherubins that they had fx wings,andwith twoof their wings ( the text faith ) they covered their faces: So my Bretheren, we had need have wings as it were) tocover our belt duties : they had wings, and with twoTheycovered their legs, and with two their faces ; we had need, not onlyofa covering for our lower parts & meaner duties but a covering for our holy duties, to cover our faces, ovr belt duties ofall, the molt heavenly duties we perform had need be purged by the blood ofchrift: in Levit. 16. 16.we read oftheir holy things,that there was need of purging themby blood ; and IQ1Z lhouldbe inour holy duties Let us be humbled for our heft