Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

'I2 The right manner of drawing nigh belt performance that ever we performed in our lives : The heft had need be fo. But then as for others that have made little or noconfcienceoffandifying of Gods Name, how had they need be humbled ? Thou haft fomething more to repent of than thou thoughttit of ; for the truth is, Thofe that have not made con- fcienceoffanttifying ofGods Name in holy Duties, they never inall their lives did any fervice for the honor ofGod ; thou halt livedperhaps thirty or fourty, it may be fixtyyears or more, anddi dft never yet honor God in any one thing thatever thou dirt in all thy life. Youwill fay,God forbid : Have not I prayed, andheard the Word much: and received the Communion often, andyet have I never honored god ? If thou haft not been acquainted with this Myfteryofgoali- nefs in fanttifying his Name in there things, this is faid from god to thee this morning, That thou haft never done any one gtion to the honor ofgod Thou hada need begin prefeocly for thy time is not long, And wilt thougo out of this world, aail the Name ofgodnever tobe honored by thee : Yea, and further, Thouhaft loft all thyduties, all the time pathbeen loft that thouhaft been in performanceofduties:now it is an ill thing to idleaway time in the things of the world ; When a man Mathan opportunity for togain in the world, if fobe he lofts his time and negleCts it, we account it a very fad thing tohim ; but now to lofeour trading-time forHeaven(fot the timesof theworfhiping ofgod are our trading times foe Heaven ) that's fad indeed : Andyet thou that makeit not con- fcience offandifying.the Name of god in holy duties, all the timeChou halt fpent is loft. And yet further, You that havebeen falfe in the performing. ofduties, and hypocrites, not onlyall your pains and labor is quite loft ( for ifchat were fo it might bewell with you) but you have aggravated your fins by your holy Duties. Thofe Duties that others haveenjoyed Communionwithgod in, and furthered their eternal life by, thou haft aggravated thy fins by them, yet it was thy duty todo them ; but I fay, by not fan-. ofqodsName, thou halt aggravated t by fins fo much theume.. As tilde that are godly, they work out their falva- tiari