Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

lo 114 ,The right manner of dravingnigh thriving in them in one quarter of a yeer, than thou haft done before in feven yeers, one Chriftian that creeps dole to God in holy Duties, and fanetifies the NameofGod in them, ( I fay ) finds more comfort with God, and grows on in Godlinefs more inone quarter ofa yeer, than the other doth in feven yeers that goes on in an ordinary, dull, and formal way in the perfor- mance of the Duties of Worihip. Some there are in our time that cry out of Duties : And what need we trouble our felves io much Thofe that know not how to fanttifie Gods Name,chey think lightly of them : But nowdo you apply your felves ful- ly ( as you are able) to this that I am fpeaking of, and you wil find your. felves tobe ( as it were) in another world, you wil be able to fay, Well, I havenot yet underftood what it was to en- joyCommunion withGod in Prayer, in Word, and in Sacra ments before.; this wil make your faces Thine in your Convetfa- Lions if youwould do it : and now to that end that youmay do it,, there are thefe two or three things that I would propound to- you. r. In the firft place, Learn to know Godmore, with whom you have todo, and prefent thofe things.that you have heard before you in your Meditations, when as you are to come to God in Prayer, or inany other Duty, and when you are,Wor-, thiping of God, remember that you have to do with God; and none elfe. You are every time youcome to perform holy Du- ties tobe as a man or woman feparated from al things. Valeri- Sfaxirniks tels a ftory of a yongNoble-man that attended up- on Alexander while he was facriflcing; this Xoble-man held his Center for Incenfe, and in the holding of it, there fel acoal up-- on his fleth, andburnt it fo, as the very fcent of it was in the no- itrils of al that were about him,, and becaufe he would not di. flurb 'Alexander in his Service, he refolutely did not ftir to put off the fire from him, but holds /hi his Cenfer. If Heathens made inch ado in their facrificing to their Idol gods, -thatthey - would mind it fo, as no difturbance muff be made Vvhat exec - they endured : What care fhould we have then of ourfelves when we come to Worfhip the High God ? And foYofrphu,s he reports of the Priefts that were factificing in the Temple when- Tsmipex brake in to themwith armed men, and though they might