Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to God in Worfhip. .might have fled and caved their lives, yet they would not leave oft'' their Sacrificing, but were flainby the Soldiers : They did fo mind it as a matter ofgreat con fequence. Oh that we could mind the Duties of Gods Worfhip as matters of great moment, that fo we might learn to fandihe the Name of God in the pert forrnance of them, more than ever we have done. 2. When thoucornett to Worfhip, take heed thou doeft not come in thine own ftrength. For there is more required in fan- difying the NameofGocl,than thy ftrength is able to carry thee on in, and therefore ad i'hy Faith upon Jefus Chrift every time thou cornett to worfhipGod, not only as I Paidbefore, to tender up thy Services in his Name,buc ad thy faith upon Chrift togive thee ftrength to do what thouhaft to do. And what ftrength thouhaft received fromChrift,be lure to flit' it up : many godly men and women have more ftrength than they know of them- felves ; and if they would but ftir up that ftrength that they have received, they might fandifie the NameofGod a great deal more than they do. Therefore remember that text before mentioned, 21Lone flint up hirnfelf to tale holdon god : Quicken up thy heart, and route up thy spirit, when thou art to worfhip God. 3. When ever thou art worfhiping ofGod, do not fatisfie thy Pelfmeetly in theDuty done ; but confider, Do I fandifie Gods Name in the Duty ? Every time thou worfhipeft him, ex- amine thyheart, whether thoudoeft it, yea, or no. And if thou findeft that thouhaft not attained in fome comfortablemeafure to this that bath been prefented to thee I let the 'baffle, and the forrow for that abide upon thy fpirit until the next time thou cornett toWorfhip God ; at fifth a time I have been worfhiping of God, and Godknows I have been ftirring up my heart in fome meafure ; but I find my heart dead, wandring, fluggith, and dull ; I fay, when thou findeft thoucanft not do is accor- ding to what is required in any comfortable meafure, let the Ihame and forrow of heart for it abide upon thee till thenext time thoucomeft to worfhip God, and that will mightily help thee : Thou art nowpraying, and thou canft not now get up thy heart to what is required ; The next time thou comeft no prayer,come in with fhame and forrow of thy heart for the want of fandifyingGods Namethe laft time : And ib for hearingof 02 the