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162 ne ricklit manner ofSanilifyingthi--- take heed therfore howye hear : It is nor enough to come tohear the Word, that is good; and no quellion buc God is pleated with the willingnefs of people tocome to ,hear his Word, but you mull not cell barely in hearing, but take heedhowyou hear. Now this is a Point ofgrear contequence, and I Elope it may do good, to help tomake many. Sermons to be profitable to you, and thePoint (I hope ) is feafonable; And wil bevery Curable Unto you : Forthote that come to hear fo foon in a morning, and are willing, even in hard weather, to come out of their beds, they give tome good teflimony t hat theydodefire to honor God " in their bearing , and to gec good by their bearing ; and 'cis pity that labor and pains thouldbebellowed, and noprofit ' buz hurt rat her got by ic, which God forbid.' Thereforenow I am to fpeak to a Point that may help, you foto hear, as may recom- pence al your laborand pains inhearing. In preaching to thofe chat come to hear, fo that they may get goodand benefit by it, there is a great deal more encouragement.: than to fuchascome in a. formal way, becaufethey ufe tocome : therefore this Point be ingagreat Point, &al open it fomwhat largely, andcalk ic into this Method Fiat I Thal fliew you, 'That the bearing ofgods Word is part of the Worfhip of god ; for otherwife I -couldnot ground is upon my Text. SecondlY, I Thal thewyou, taw we,are.to fannifie god" 51Zarne in thecHearinkofhirWorck either-in regardofpre- paratioriunto it, or our behavior in hearingof theWord. Thirdly, Why it is that godwill be limnilied -in this Ordi- nance ofWs Fourthly, 'How god birnfelfin .fuchas do_not fangtifie his Warne in thehearing of bit Word. Fiftly, 'Now q(K1 will farzEfifie his St47116. 114 ivaitsofmercy tbojethat are carefg/ to:Pt/la/fiehis Ajar lei thebearing ofthe Word.' , Thefe are the FiVe Principal things that concern this Argument. For theFick lhat the bearing of Cods Weir4 it is 4part 0:godsWorfhip.- YoU heard in the opeging of the Worfhip of Gain ,the General, ,what it was: I toldyou it was, a tendring