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NOW of god in bearing his V7 0`11. D. 163 -up of the creature! homage to god, as teftimonyof the reipea that the Creature did owe toGod : Now if that be the nature of Worfhip, certainly the hearing of Gods Word, it is a. parc of the Worfhip of God : For, in thehearing of Gods Word, we 'Fiat, Do [morels our dependance upon God for theknowing') i of his mind, and the way to Eternal Lire :) Every time we come to hear the Word, if we know what we do, we do thus much.; We profefs, that we dodepend upon the-Lord God for thekno wing ofhis Mind, and the way and Rule to Eternal Life ; we do as much as if we fhould fay, Lord, of our felves we neither know thee, nor the way and means how we fhouldcome tobe laved, and therfore that we might tellifie our dependance upon thee for this thing, wehere present our felves before thee. Now this is :a Teftitnony ofthe high refpett we owe to God. Secondly , Toe bearing of god! Word is apart of his War- pip, becaufe in it we come to wait upon God in the way ofan ,Ordinance , tohave that good conveyed tous by way of anOr- , dinance, beyond what the thing in it Pelf is able todo, and ther. fore 'cis Worfhip); I wait upon God when I am hearing the Word (if I knowwhat I do) to have fomefpiritual good convei- ed to me beyond what there is in the means it felf, this makes it Worfhip. When I ain bufied in Natural and Civil Actions, there I muff profefs, that thefe things cando me no good with out God, but I do not wait. upon God in an Ordinance for the conveyance ofNatural good beyond what God hath put into the Creature ; 'tis his Melling with it, that God in the ordinary courfeof his Providence, doth convey fuch ,Natural or Civil good in the ufe of thofe Creatures : But .nowwhemI come to bear his Word, I here come to wait upon God in the way of art Ordinance for the conveyance of fonae fpiritual good that this Ordinance bath not in it felf ( take it materially) but meetly as it .hath an Inflicution in it, and is appointed by God for the conveyance of fuch and fuch things. God doth ,appoint meat to nourith me, and together with his appointment he , bath given a Natural power tomeat to nourifh my Body, chat in,anordinary celiacof.Providence 2 is enough for che'nourifh- memof my Body.: but now when Icome to hear, the Word, I .P 2 mutt