Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

and Bookfeller ofLondon, at the Ex, Twelve Books ofMr. Jeremiah. Bur- roughs lately publifbed ; alfo the Texts ofScripture upon which they are grounded. Gofpel Reconciliation,Or Chrifts Trumpet of Peace to the World. Wherein is Opened Gods exceeding willingnefs to be Reconciled to Man ; And Gods fending his Emboli-odors to that End From. a Cor.5. !9, The Rare Jewel of cbriflian con- tentntent, on Phil. 4. I s. Wherein is chewed, I What Contentment is. z It is an Holy art and Myttery. 3 The Ex cellencies of it. 4 The Evil of the con- trary finof Murmuring, and the Ag- gravations of it. 3 Goffrel-worthip, on -Levit. to. ;. Wherein is (hewed, a The right man- ner of theWmibipof God in General; And particularly,In hearing the Word, Receiving the Lords (upper, & prayer. 4 GoINI-Converration on Phil. I 17 Wherein is (hewed, a That the Converfations of Beleevers muff be a- bove what could be by the Light of. Nature.z Beyond thofe that lived un. der the Law. 3 And tumble to what Truths the Gofpel holds forth. To which is added, The Milky ofthole Men that have their Portion in this Life only, on Pfal. 17. 14. 5 A Treatife of Earthly-minded- nefI:Wherein is fhewed, 'What Earth- ly-mindednefs is, a. The great Evil thereof, on Phil. 3. part of the 19.verf. Alf° to the fame Book is joyned, A Treadle of Heavenly-mindednef?, and wilkingwithGod,on Gen. 5. z4. and on Phil.; zo. 6 An expOitiqn on the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Chapters of the Propheticof Holm 7 An Exposition on the eightli,1.. and tenth Chapters of Hofea. 8 An Exoefition on the elor:1 twelfth, and chit:Tenth Cho,pten Holes, being now compleat. 9 The Evil of.svil3, or the excee- ding finfulnefs offin, on job a6. a 1. io Precious Faith, On a Pct. I. 1. 11 Of Hope, on a jolv.t 3. 3. I z Of Walking by Faiths on a COY. 5.7. Mr. Burroughs has fifty nine Sermons on Matth. Is. a8, a9, 30a Ark Printed. The Discipline of the Church in Kew-England : By the Churches and Synod there. The Wife Virgies Lamp Burning; Or, Gods Tweet incomes of Love to a gracious Soul waiting for him. Pub- lilbed by air. Thomas Weld, late of New-England. Twelve new Books in one Polum of Nich. Culpeper, 411 called the Idea of Praaical Phyfick. The art to preferve Health. a The preternatural diforder of mans body, and their Signs. 3 Of Medicaments. 4 Of the art of Healing. 5 Of the general Cure of Difeafes. 6 Of External Difeafes. 7 Of Feavers. 8 Of Head Difeares. 9 Of middle Belly Difeafes. to Of Lower belly Difeafes. I Of Venemous Difeafes. OfChildrenDifeafes. -*grm714..,:i! Miry