Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

17o The right manner ofSanElifying the When thou cornett to hear the VVord, come with refolution Lto yeeld towhat ever God (hal reveal to be his Mind ) I am now going to hear thy VVord, 0 Lord, to wait upon thee, to know what thou hart to fay to me ; and thou that arc the fearcher of the fecrets ofall hearts, Thou know& that I go with fuch a re- , folution toyeeld upmy felfto every truthof thine: Howwould theName of God be fandified ifyou did thus come to hear the VVord ! Ifyoudid come with fucb a refolurion, yob, 32. 3+. That whichI knoro not, teach thoume ; and ifIhave done ini- quity, I will dono more. In Ifa. 2.3. you have a Propbefie of the Gentils, how they fhould come to the VVord, And many peoplefhalI goandfay, Come ye, and let IPS go up to the 'Moun- tain of the Lord, to the rfloure of the god ofJacob, and hewill teach us ofhis wales, andwewill walk in hispaths : Here's a bleffed difpofition when you come tohear the word. Some of you come together in ftreets and lanes, and over the fields ; when you come together, and meet one withanother as you walk over the fields, make ufe ofthis Text, Oh ! that this Propbefiemight be fulfilled in your coming over the fields every Lords day, mor- ning, and at other times, that you would fay one to another, or when you cal one upon another to go tohear, Come, let us go up to the houfeof the Lord, and he will teachus ofhis waief,and toe will walkin hispaths. We are refolved, that what ever the Lord Thal teach us to be his waies, we wil fubmit unto it. This is 3 due preparation of the heart for the fandifying ofGods Name it hearing ofhis VVord. ourthly, Whenyou come to hear the word, Come with ton- ging defires after the Word, come with an appetite to it : As in it Pet. 2. 2. .A., new-born babes defire the finceremilk, of the Wordsthatyou maygrow tberby. )Do it as new-born babes. Now ouknow little babes,theydo no defire milk co play withal, but only to nuuriih them : Children ofthree or four yeers old, they may defire milk to play with ; but new-born babes never care for rt but when they are hungry, tonourifh them. And fo it is true, many come to hear the VVord to play with ir.. But now you fhould come tohear the word-as new bore. babes, with a hungring defire after the word, that your fouls may be nourished thereby. That were excellent, if everyLords Day, andat other daies, you did