Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

Name of god in bearinv his WORD. 17 did come as hungry to the VVord, as ever youwent to your din ner or flapper, the Word of God Ihould be unto you, more than your appointed food, and thenyou are like to grow by it, and to fanaifie Gods Name iii it. Fiftly, (Pray beforehand, That god would open thine eyes, andopen thineheart,and accompany his word. Thus did Vavid: ' Open mine eyes, 0 Lord, that I may underhand the wonders of ' thy Law., And you knowwhat is laidof Lydia, The Lordope- ned her heart, to attend to the Word that was §poken. Now fee- ing it is anOrdinance thoudoeft expect more good from, than what it felt of its own Nature is able toconvey, thou hadft need to pray, Lord, Igo to fuch an Ordinance of thine, and I know there is no efficacy in it felf, it is not able to reach to fuch effetts as I expel ; that is, Tohave my heart fpoken to, andquickned, and to have mine eyes opened : But 0Lord, open mine eyes,and open mine heart ; Lord, my heart naturally is lockc up againfk thy VVord, thereare fuch wards inmy heart, that except thou art pleafed to put in a key that may fit my heart, is wil never open : Man, he is nor able to knowmy heart, and therefore he cannot fit a key to anfwer every ward, to refolve every doubts to filence every objettion ; but Lord, thou canfl do it : Do thou. Lord therefore tic thy VVord thisday that may meet with my heart ; Lord, I havegone often to thy VVord, and the keyhash fiuck in ic, and it bath not opened ; but Lord, if thou wouldft but fic it. and turn it with thine own hand, my heart would o pen. Oh I Come with fuch a praying heart to the. VVord, and thereby (halt thou fanaitie the Name of God in hearing fiis VVord : This is to come to theVVord as to the VVord ofGod, You muff not come to thehearing ofthe VVord, as to hear a Speech, or an Oration ; but come in fuch apreparation as this. is ; and fo (I ray) God wil be glorified, and you that bepro- fited. The next thing is, What fbould be the behavior of the foul in thefanffifying god! Name in the Word when it is come. Now to that there are thefe Particulars : Fiat, There mini be a careful attention unto the WO 421,1), youmutt fet your hearts unto it, as foie" in Veut.32.46. he faid unto the people, Set your hearts unto al the words which I tefiifte Q 2 among t.