Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

Xidnie ofGod in bearing bisWoRD. untoye do well that ye take heed. Math, We heard-a voyce from Heaven, faith Teter; yea, but we barce a more fure word of (Prophefie, whereuntoyou do wel thai: -ye rake heed. There was a voyce from Heaven fpake. Youwil fay, If we had heard that voyce, we would have given heed to that. Said) the Apoftle, You have amore lure Word of Propbefie, Now Prophefie in Scripture is taken for Preaching ; Velpife not Prophetic : As if the holy Ghoft fhould fay, You reuft have regard to the VVord of Prophefie as you would have regard to any Voyce from Heaven : Suppofe an Angel .111 <i come and fpeak toyou, would not you attend to him ? then whatibever thoughts you had, they would be takenoff, for there is an Angel that is come down fornHeaven to fpeak : Nowmark what is laid in 'Reba. i. hod who atfundry timer, and in divers manners fpake in times pail to thefathers by theProphet", bath in thefe tali dalesfi3okfri unto 114 by his Son, whom be bath appointed 'Heir ofall things ; by whom alto he made the worlds. And then vzr. 3. he defcribes his Son, .And being made fo much better than the Angels, as he bath by inheritance obtainedamore excellent name than they : If a Prophet fhould come and fpeak, chat is not fo much as if the Sonof God comes, no, nor as if anAngel fhould come, for Jefus Chrift hash obtaioed a more excellent Name than the Angels,and it is Chrill that is the Minifiryof his Word, lie ibar hearetbyou, bearetb rne. Secondly, That which would caufe.attention, is the greattiefs-2 of matter . reol2g11ecL *Ws true,, if 4rulan fhould f eak of fame flight and vain things, there .nee much attention, My Brethren, the matters in the word are the great Things of God, it is the Voyce of God, the great. Myfteries of Godlinefs thole deep things that the. Angels theinfelves defire to pry into ; yea ,the Angels theenfelves by the Ctxches they come to have the Icnweledg of the lAyfteries of God. I I Make noTfifie{ion but IQ the knit-fry of the word among the chureheg, theAngels they attend and come co Come knowledg in the Mytteries of Gocili- nefs ; for fo the Scripture faith, That they haTeitby the Chur.. chef, there the grea telt things of Gods Will, the greateft Come iels of God that were kept hid from al Eternity, are opened Co, you in the Piliniftry of the WQiCt : We coo nop come to tel yoy tales; 3