Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

The right manner of Sanilifying the anonzyouthisday, which Y°1ifbali"mnandy our ch i ldre: i becaureitisotr-o life. Sec your hearts to it, for it is not a vain thing, is is your life : when you come to hear the word,give diligent attention to what you hear. In AEt.8.6. it is fa icl,Thepeople with ore accord gaveheed unto thole things whichPiiilipfpak,. Theygaveheed. The word is ufed often in Scripture ; 'cm-mimes it is ufed for to beware of a thing, Beware ofthe leavenof the Tharifees, beware of them : As a man whenhe fees an enemy, and is aware of him, he is verydiligent to obferve how to avoid him : So, there mutt be as much diligence toget good by the word, as one would be dip ligent to avoid any danger whatfoever. And. the word fignifies forntimes to give fuch heed as a Difciplegives unto his Mafter, fa they gave heed to the word. So in (Frog). z. r,z. (Myfon, ifemit wilt receive my words, andhide my Commandements with thee, fo that thou incline thine ear untowifdom. Wemuff diligently attend, and not fuffer our eyes andour thoughts to be wandring, but diligently attend to what is faid. My Brethren, there is all things that may challenge attention in the word. cyVhat would makeyou attend to any thing ? Firft, If he that (peaks were much above you,if it were a great princeor Lord that fpake to you, then you would attend. Now, though it is true, it is but a man, that, it may be, is inferior to molt of you, that fpeaks ; yet know,inhim it is the Lord of Hea- ven andEarth that speaks coyou.find fo youknow what Chriff faiTE;TliThat bearetbyouTbearethme : Scil thoughyou would pot attend in rc 'Feet of theMeffenger fo much, yet as it is the Son of God that is 'peaking toyou, it may challenge your attention. This day if you fhould hear a voyce ouc of the Clouds fromRea- . ven freaking to you,would you not then liften ? The truth is,we ihould liften as much to the voyce of God in the Miniftry of his word, as if fo be that the Lord fhould fpeak out of the Clouds to jis. And I wil give you aScripture for char, that the'voyce of God in his word fhould be as much regarded of you, as if God fhould fpeak from Heaven co you by an audible voyce out of the Clouds. In 2 (Pet. i i 8,19.7hmvoyce which camefrom 'Heaven we beard,wbenwe werewith him in the holy 'Mount. But mark, yerfe 19. We have aifo a morefore Word of Trophefie, where- unto