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The rtgbt manner of Sanglify.ing the Cfrowardne.fs, and calf is off ;)and if at any time there be never fuch comfortable things fpcken in the Word, yet there is an an- ger in their Spirits, becaufe they are not able to apply the word to therofelves, and they think, This doth not concern met: Now there fhould be meeknefs of Spirit in thole that are in trouble of confcience above all ; they fhould quietly attend upon the word, and wait for the time that Godwil ipeak peace to theirconfcien- ces : And if I cannot find the VVord ihtable to rue at this time, vet I may at another time : let me attend with meeknefs, let we receive every thing with meeknefs ; the VVord is above me, and ifever I have good, it mutt be by the VVord at kJ. ii doth riiuch concern thole that are in trouble of conference to havemeek Spirits. There is another difiemper in others, and chat is worfe ; is Such as when they find the Word come neer unto them, acing thole Sins that their Corifciences tells them they are guiltyof, their hearts rifeagainft God and hisWord, andMi- nifters coo ; becaufe it would pluck away come beloved core pt ion 3 ecaufe it rebukes them from fome haunt ofevil, fome d flemper of heart that they have been, or areguilty of it puts a fhanie upon them , and therefore their hearts do rife againft ie. It is a dreadful thing to have the hears rife againfi the. Word. As we read of that froward Prince 7eboiakirn in the Erophefie of Jeremiah, that when the Roll was read in his hea- ring (fitting in the Winter time by a great fire ) he took a pen- . eknife and cur it in pieces, and threw it intolhe fire in anger : and 1 ha-ire read chat theJews kept 'a Fait every Yeer, ro mourn for that great fin. And yet this jeboiakirn was the Son of Yofiab, wholeheart did melt at the hearing of the word, he had an hum- ble and meek heart when the Law was read., and et fee what a different, fpirit leboial4m had, either from his Fa:her,or Grand- Father. It is a great difhonor to the Name of God for men to give Liberty to their Paflions to rife 'againft the VVord ; take heed of paffioii, either while you are hearing the word, or after the word ; as many of you while you are difcontented with what is faid , when you come in company, what a fury are many men in upon the hearing offome things in the Word that comes dole to their hearts, Remember when you are hearing of .N111111111111111.11M