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2sLameo[Goydinbearinshis W 0 RD. 8 I of the word, that it is chat which is above you, and it is not fit fOr one chat is an inferior, to iliev,7 pailionace in the prefence ofa Superior : It is true, the Minifters they may be in as low a condition as you, and in a lower ; but the VVord they (peak, is is above all the Princes and Monarchs upon the face of the Earth ; and it is fit therefore, we having todeal with God, that we ihould behave our felves in a meek 6. The next thing for the_Sanaifying Gods lqme in the hea- ring of the word, is this, We mutt hear it with a*trembling heart, with fear as wel as meeknefs ; and for chat vou have char faMous Scripture, in Ila. 66, beginning, 'lbws faith the Lord, (flea', even is my Tbrone.,and theEarthmy Tootftool,ivhere '4 theboule that they build unto me,-and vhere is the place ofmy aft ? For al thole things bath myhand made,andal rbofe things have been, faith the Lord ; but to this man 'poll I look, even to him that 4. poor, and of a contrite giririt, and trembleth at my Word. is a molt admirable Scripture : Mark how God lifts up himfelf in his Glory ; to great a God, as the Heaven is my Throne, aced the Earth is racy Foot-itool, , where is that Houfe that ye will build untome ? But then may a poor foul fay, How flial I be able to (sand before this God that is fo glorious ? Saich God, Be not diicoteraged'pior foul, who dolt tremble at my word, for I look. 0 you Arid then this is a further thing 'oblervable, 'That. God nai.h. regard to that foul that trembles at his word, rather ehantoanyethatihould-- build the molt furantuous buildings in the world. for ; for idith God here, '-The' Heaven is my Throne, and the Earth, is my Fooceffool, where is the Houfe that ye build !income, and where is the place of my [ell ? They have 1)111,r, a glorious Temple,to God, :hut what do I' regard that, LI&h pod ?-.! regard one that trembles at my word,triore than chat great houle,,thatyou havebuilc untome. It is a notable Scripture to fhew what a high relpeaGod loath, to one that trembles at --his word, 'he regards. them more t ha:1 this glorious Temple that was built untohire e Zf you were able to build tuch a place as this was fo.01:e Service of God, you would think it a. great_rnatter'; is isentie in much regarded as if you _could bring, a trembling hear4 to Gods word, that'-a fpecial thing wherein. the fanaify-i.' Rng MMINIMMIle