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gaineofgod in bearing his W o R. D. IS; the Son of Jehiel one of the Souof Elamlanfvoeredandfaidun= to Ezra, We have trartrgreffed againft our god, and have taken ftrange wives-, (194c. Yet now there if hope in Ifrael concerning this thing ; now therefore let as make, a Covenant withour god according to the counfel ofmy Lord, andof thofe that tremble at- the Cotnmandement of our god: So chat thofe that tremble at Gods word,8c Arch as are ficteft to counfel, they underfland molt of Gods mind. And that's another particular of the behavior of the foul in fanttifying Gods Name in hearing his Word. 7. Thenext is an humble fubjett tom to the. word that we hear our hearts muff bow to itl muff lie u:ider the word chat we hear, it is a vetyremarkable Scripture that we have in 2; Chron. 3 6.1 2. there it is faid concerning a great King, Zedekiab ; 'He did that which was evil in thefight of the Lord bit Clod, and bumbled tot himfelt before Jeremiah the (Prophet,f]eal ngfrom the moat the Lord. It is a very orange expreffion as any we have in the Boo od,that Zedeliah a great KinVhould be charged with this as a great fin, that he did not humble himfelf ; Humblehinis fell, before whom, you wil fay ? We are bound to humbleout !elves before-God ; but here iris that hedid not humble himielf before Jeremiah the Prophet: Why before e Piophec ? Tecaufe be tale from the mouth of the Lord. It it be any meffenger that fpeaks from the mouthof the Lord, God expects chat we fliould humble out relves ; fo that if any Truth comes to be delivered unto you, the Lord expeas- that you thou* fal down and yield obedience to it; whatfoever your choughts,youtjudgments,yout opinions have heretofore .been, if there come any thnig in the word againft it, you:tnuft lubmit your judgments; fubm it your very consciences, youmull fubmit your wills, whatfoever your hearts have been let upon, though it hath been never fo cons tentful. to . your. Spiri3 before, yet now lubmit, and yield though it go never fo crofs unto your minds ; - your wills; your ends., yet all muff be fubmitted, and laid down flat be- fore the-word, lb as to be willing to deny your felves of any thing in the world.- When a -man or woman can fay -chuv; Lord, it is true, I confefs before I heard thy word 'opened in the -evidence and demonftrarion of the Spirit' unto me, I was °Mead. mind, anc.my heart went after Inch and fifth con.. tentinats,,