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I8 2 The right manner ofSanElibing the ing of the. Name of God confi , when we come to fee the dreadful Authority that there is in the word of God, when we are able to fee more Glory of God in his word, than in all the works of God betides, for there is more of his Glory in the word than there is in the whol Creation ofHeaven and Earth, take the Sun, and Moon, andStars. You that are Marriners, you have leen much of the Glory of God abroad, that one would think might firike terror into al your hearts ; but know, Thac there is more of the dreadfulnefs of Gods Name in his Word, than inal his Works : InPal. 138.2. Thou bail maguified thy Word ay boneall thy Name ; the Word it is magnified abovea! theName of Godwhatfoever, and it is a very good figs ofa fpiricual en- lightened foul, that can fee the Name of God more magnified in his word, than in al his works betides : I appeal unto your Cori fciences in this thing. Have you ever feen the Name of God to bemore magnified in his word, than in al his works ? I maywith very good confidence affirm this, That there is no Godly Soul Upon the faceof the Earth, that hath the weakeff degree ofgrace, but hath teen more of theGlory of God revealed in his word,chan he bath feen in all the works of God betides , and his heart hath been more taken with it ; It requires therefore a trembling frame ofheart when we hear it. And then further : When this is confidered, That the word is that which bindeth the foul over, either to life or death, mens -eternal effaces are tobe calf by the word ; certainly then it re- quires a tremblingheart tohear that by which the eternal elfare ofmantis tobe cart ; we do not fanCtifie Gods Name when we come tohear the word, except we come with trembling hearts, and they are the molt likely ofal men and women to underftand the mind of-God : as for fuch as come with conceited fpirits that they underftand as much before they come, and think their reach of wit or capacity, is beyond the capacity of any that Thal open the wordunto them (yet that were not fomuch,if it did but on- ly reft upon the man,and not reflex upon theword is felf.) Now there that arexich in their own thoughts and underftandings, are Sent emptyaway; but thofe that come with trembling hearts to the .word, they are the men that are like to undertfand Gods Couufels revealed inbis word. InEva W. 2, 3. Shechaniah the