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jar i88 The right, manner of SanEitfying the goodheart chat is willing ro receive any thing that God reveals ; as we ufe co fay, Such a man is a good man ; that is, you can propound nothing tohim that is fit tobe done, but he is willing. 't.p hearken to you. A goodman he bath no kind of evil ends in him, no evil defigns at al, but he is willing to hearken to every thing that is good : So, a good heart, whatfoever is good he is ready to entertain ; die be.a good thing, his heart is finable to it, and runs prefently unto it ; _having a goodheart it dothprefently clofewith the good wordof theLord. 'ekueft. But what is meant byan ellonefl 'Heart ? ./1-nfr>a , By bonefly of heart, certainly there is more meant than fuck a one that we call an honeft man, that is, a man that is honeft in his dealirgs between man and man ; there is many a man that is accounted a very honeft man, in the world, but hath not anhoneft heart : I befeech you obferve it, That man that bath an handft heart toGod, is one that receives the feed of the word, fo as he goes beyond the High-way ground, the ftonyground, or the Thorny ground, he goes beyond thofe three fortsofPro- feffors ; he is one that hath an eminency in Profeffion of Religi, on beyond thole three. Now theworld accounts many honeft men that donot go beyond any of thofe three ; yea, the world dothordinarily account anyof thofe three to be honeft men As the High-way ground ; Are there not many lion& men in the world, that regard not the Word of God at all, but only come to hear a Sermon, and as foon as they have done, as it, came in ac one ear, fo it goes out at theother ? I fear there are Come men and women chat are accounted honeft men and wo-,, men in the world, that can hardly 'give an accompt of any opi Sermon they have,heard in all their lives; hardly, I:fay, but-ihe word which they heard is prefently taken away from them ; and yet thefe are accounted liontft men in the world : But this 1 is nor the honeft heart the Scripture fpeaks of. And many there are that go further than, thefe, that come to hear the word with joy, and yet.they have not this boneft heart : Yea, they may hear the word fo as,tobring forth a Blade, and yet nothave this honeft heart. But this honeft heart I;ake there- ., fore co he mean; this; Anheart that deals Iquarely and truly , . with