Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

Name of god in bearing hisWoRrt. 19I beard on the Lords Day in your heart, it would have kept you from the ftrength of your temptation that it fhould not have overcome you. Thofe that are truly Godly, they have a care to hide the word in their hearts ; when they hear it, they think, This word than help me againft fuch and fuch fins which. I am prone co by nature, and when a temptation comes to that fin I hope I fhall have ufe of the word that I have heard this day : As now Suppofeyou hear a word againft paflion, then you thould hide that word in your hearts againft that time that temptation comes to pillion. And you hear a word againft Seoluality, and abufe of the Creatures; you fhould hide that _word againft that temptation cometh. And you hear a word againft Unrighteoufnefs, and uniuft dealings.; when a tempi a- non comes tothat fin, you thould hide that word 'againft thole time. So, you h a word that [peaks of Obedience to Pa- rents, andServantsWities toGovernors ; now you fhould hide that word in your hearts againft that t ane ; 1 have bid thy word in myheart, that I might notfin againft thee. You fay, that you would rain with/land, and not be overcome with temptati- ons : Then here's the way, Hide the word within thee, that thoumaift not fin againft him. And fo in Tame a. i. youhave a Scripture to the fame purpofe, about hiding the Commande- ments within us. And then in r yobn 2. 14. a write unto you yong men, becaufeyou areftrong, and the word of Cod abidetb in.you, andye have overcome the wicked one. I Lave writtenun- to you yong men, you are thong, youhave ftrong natures, and fo firength of nature for-God : But howcomes this to pals ? Tint are ftrong, and the,poord ofgod ab cieth inyou : Here is an ex- cellent Scripmte for al yong men; you have your memories frefhl and it youwil exercife your memories abour any thmg, it fhould' be in the word of God ; it is a comly and excellent thing to fee yong ones tohave the wordof God abiding in them,. that if you come to them, not only a week, but a month after they have hea0,cheword, they are able to give you an account of it : I.am verily perfwaded that there are many yong ones in this place, that are able togive youold ones ('ifyou ask them ) an account ofwhat it is to tandifie Gods Name in theDuties of Worfhip ; Antiwhy 1 Because the word ofGod abideth in them. It is the honor,