Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

2 The right manner of-SanEtifjing the honor of yongmen to have the Word of God to abide in them, and hereby they overcome the wicked one. And on theother fide, many yong people chat do come to hear the word, it may be they are drawn to it by others, or it may be they love to have a walk in the morning , but the Word of God abideth nor in them ; and therefore when the wicked one comes with tempta- tions the weekafter, they are overcome by him ; but thole chat have the word of God abiding in them, they overcome the wic- ked one. And fo in lob 8. 5 I. you have A very remarkable Scripture for this purpofe of keeping the word after we have heard it. Thenraid 7q-ips to thofewhich beleevedonhim, ifyou continue in my word, then areyoumyVifciptes indeed. I he- feech youobferve it ; it is Paid that thejews did beleeve in Chrift, and yeLfaith Chrift, Ifyou continue in my Word, then areyou my Vifciples ; why were they nor the IIMIlkiples of Chrift that did beleeve inhim ? By this beleeving thei7Fore we muff under.. Rand fome kind of general notion that they had ofChrift, they began to think that Chriff might be the true %Ilia; ; fonarkind of impede& beleeving they had, but they were not throughly brought off : now faith Chrift, lfyou continue inmy Wordooit aremy Vifciples. As if he thould lay,Do not you think it enough that you come to hear me, and that you are taken by what I fay; youmuff continue inmy word, and then youare my Difciples : Chrift will not own that man or woman to be his Difciple that Both not continue in His Word. 0 that you would confider of this, you that fatisfie your felves in having fome flashes of your affedions when you arehearing the Word , but do not think that youare theDifciples of Chriff becaufe or them : In Tit. 1.9. 'Holding fall thefaithful.Word aiyouhave been taughtu that is the thing you thould labor for, to hold fait the Faithful Word, hold it fail, that it may not be taken frornyou, and fo youfhal come to fanitifie the Nameof God in the hearing of his Word. i x. The laft that I fhall fpeak to is this : Ifthou wouldeft Sanaifie the Name of God in hearing His Word, turn it into prgtice, or otherwife the Name of God is blafphemeds or at leaft is taken in vain by thee, if thoudoefl not turn what thou heareft into pradice : So you have it inJamer. 1. 2.2, Ile that is . not