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._-____ Name of God in hearing his W 0 Et, D. 197 his.Saints, And becaufe God is very quick in his Word, one way or[Other. We than now proceed to the Application of this Point And, .F ruff , By way of reprehen fi on co al chofe that do not fandifie. Gods Name in hearing the Word ; 9and herein weThal thew their fearful condition, and howGod Will Sanaitie his Name upon them in waits of judgment, and then when we come to the ute of Exhortation,. toexhort you CO fandifie the Nameof God, there wg fliall thew you likewife howGod will tandifie his Name in waies of mercy upon thofe that do fandifie him in wales of obe- dience in hearingof his Word. i . For the firft, Certainly if that be to fandifie theNamedf od that we have fpoken of ; Gods Name is but very little fan- dified by people that do come to hear his Word, and we have no caufe to wonder that there is fo little good got by the Word, becaufe there are fo few that make conscience to landifie Gods Name in hearing it : Some there are that are fo far from fandi- fying Gods Name in ic, as they altogether negled ir, and make. it a matter of nothing whether they come to hear it or no : Saith Chrift in fob 8.47. 'He that is of god, beareth my Word ; ye here ore bear there riot becau e .e arenot21..goiL. Certainly he that teach the knowle g o God, and any intereft in God, and that belongs unto-him, nothing is more fweet to him than the hearing of his Word, but becaufeye are not of god (faithChrift) therefore you hear not his Word. Thole men and women that have no interest in God,but live without God in this world,they -regard nor to hear his Word. 0 how many have we that belong to this place that do fo I Howmany live without God in the world, and dodeclare co all the world that they are not of God they have no part nor portion in God in that they hear not his Word. Some there are that come tohear it, but they come t° hear it as a meet matter of indifferency, in a meet formal and customary way, or for companies fake, or to give content to others : Thefe are poor and low ends, thou thouldeft come to hear the Word, as expeding God should fpeak to thy foul for the furtherance of thy eternal good ; but your confciences may tell you what vain and wandring heart you have, whcri',yau cone