Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

1 9 6 The right manner of Sanaifying the of conveying more bleffing than the Sacrament, becaufe is is ap- pinced to convey the &ft Grace,and to convey ftrengrh of Grace as wel as the Sacrament : Now being appointed to convey filch great things to the fouls of the Elea, both the Mit Glace, and ftrenwheningof Grace, and comfort, and affiftance thereof, the Lord expels to have his Name fantlified in it. Thirdly, The Nameof God mull be fanetified irirthe Word, /becaufe the Word is very quick and lively, it works men or wo- men to life or death, to falvat ionor damnation. In Tleb. 4, 12. The Word of god is quiclondpowerful, and [harper than any ,two edgedfword, piercing even to the dividing afunder of lout ndJPirit,&c. It is very quickof operation (the text faith) chat s hen God hath to deal withmen by his Word,he wil not Rand dallying and trifling with them, but he is very quick with them, either to bring their fouls tolife, or to call them away. The time ofmeat ignorance godwinks at, but now be call all men to re- pent. Let them look to it now : Goddid forbear in the time of ignorance, but he wil not forbear fowhen the Word comes, Novo is the ..4.7e laid to the root of the tree : And whenwas that ? when John Tap/ft came to preach repentance,becaufe the Kingdomof Heaven is at hand. hough the tree were barren before, and did not bring forth good fruit, yet it might ftand fill, and not becut down ; but when the powerful miniftration of the Word comes, then the Ax is laid to the root of the Tree : either now come in and be faved, or refill the Word andperifh. And therefore that is very obfervablewhen Chrift fends out his_pifciples to preach; in 'Marko 6. x 5, x6. faith he, Go ye into al the world, and preach the got!, to every creature, and he that beleeveth and is baptiqedabal be laved ; but he that beleevethnot, pallbe dam- ned : As if he Mould fay, there [hall be quick work made with them : Go and preach, and thofe that belong tomy Election Thal be brought into beleeve and be faved, and the others Thal be dam- ned : As if God fhould fay, If they wil come in and imbrace the Gofpel,t hey Thal be faved ; if they wil not, they Thal be damned, and there is attend of them. So that I fay, we have need to look to it, that we Santtifie Gods Name in his Word, upon thefe three Grounds : Becaufe there is fo much of God in his Word becaufe he bath appointed it to convey the greaceit Mercies to his