Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

204 The right manner of Sanaibing the that do not fanaifie Gods Name Word, they are like ground that receives the rain as muc as the otker, hear as many Sermons as the other, but they bring forth nothing but thorns tidbryars : and mark what a dreadful expreflion is againff them. kit, It is rejeF fed. Secondly, kis nigh to curfing. Thirdly, Wbofe end is to be burned. Thou rejeaeft the Word, doeft thou ? The Lord rejedeth thy foul. Ifthou haft no needof the word, the word hath noneedofthee ; it is a dreadful thing to be rejeaed of God. And then, thou arc nigh unto curfing lc may be the.Lord may for the time withdraw Himfelf from the foul, and rnanifeft that it is as it were rejeaed ; but yet the foul hath not the Curie of Godupon it, to fay, Well, let this foul perifh for ever: but fome there are that are under an actual Curfe, and faith God , Well, My Word (hall never do good to this foul, fuch a one hath fate under it thus long, and hath rejetted it, My Word fhall never do good to him : Like as in Luke14. where thole that made excufes when they were bidden to the Supper, the text faith at length, That the clilafter ofthe Teafi was angry (which was Godhimfeif that invited them by the Gofpel to partakeof his Son ; andwhen men would not come in, but make excufes, and refufed the offer of the Gofpel) Verily ( faith he ) none of tbofe men that were bidden, fhall taft ofmy Supper. They fhall never partake of any good of the Gofpel. This is a dreadful Curfe. Now the Lord deliver you from ha- ving this Curfe pronounced againft you ; but yet I befeechyou tremble at this Scripture in the 'Hebrew' , They arenigh to cur- ling. Who knows how nigh fome foul in this place, may be to this Curie ? for God to fay, This foul hath been often invited, and yet hath made excufes, and put offall, he fhall never taftef my Supper,of the good things in Jefus Chriff, the word that bath been fo retested fhal never do them good more; you had better never been born, than to have this curie actually uponyou. Oh fear and tremble left your condition be fuch as to be nigh tocur- fing : Who knows what a day, a week may bring forth ? Jr may be the Lord may (pare, and be willing to pafs by thenegleaof former Sermons ; but who knows what the next actual rebel- lion againft theLord in His Word may do to bring the curie up- po thee P And then if fo, the next part of the vent will prove to