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name ofGod inhearing los W o E. D. 205 to be thy portion Whofe end is to be burned. Oh ! It is a dreadful thing to finagainft the word : God hands much upon it. 8' Eightly, Know, That ifGods Namebe not fanetified in it, t e end that God bath appointed it for, will be turned quite contrary to th The proper end that Goa bath appointed is wo or, it is to faveSouls : but now, where Gods Name is not fardtified, it is turned quite contrary ; fo theApoftle in 2 Cor. 2. 16. To the one we are the favor of death unto death, and to the other the favor of life unto life : It is a dreadful thing that thegood Wordof God, in which there is fuch Treafures of Gods mercy, wherein the counfels ofGod, concerning mans eter- nal elate, comes to be revealed, that this fhould prove to be the favor of death unto death unto any foul, that is, to have fuch an efficacy in it, as to kil them by the very fcent of it, as It were : As fome things have fuch a poy fon in them,as thevery fcent is enough topoyfon one : So faith the Apoffle, to fome our word barb that efficacy being turnedquite to the contrary end, fome foul; are fav'd, and are, and Thal be bleffing God to all eternity for the word ; and thy foul is damn'd by the word, fo as thouwilt here- after curfe the time that ever thou cameo tohear it : That wil be a dreadful thing, that the fame word that others fbal be bleffing of God eternally in Heaven for, that thou fhalt be turfing eternally in Hell for, it will be turned to the quite contrary end ; if is works not in the right way, it wil work the other ; the truth iss it hardens mens hearts if it brings them not to God ; there is no- thing that cloth harden the hearts (Amen more, than the Mindry of the Word ;. yet by aceidentolot by it felf: there is no men in the world have filch hardhearts as thofe that are wicked under the, Miniftry of the word ; it is not only an argument that their hearts. arehard, but they are hardened by it. That in Ila. 6. 9.10. is remarkable for this, and the rather becaufe I. find it fo often quoted by Chrift, I think it is quoted three or four times. in the Gofpel .And he faid, go and tell this (People, hear ye indeed, but underftand not ; andfee ye indeed, but perceive not Wake the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, andfhut their eye', left they fee with their eyes, and hear with their ears and underhand with their heart, and, con-, erit